Drifting with no goal

For the first time in 16 month I’m drifting through E&P without a realistic goal… Got no heroes worth ascending, no chance to improve anyones talents anytime soon, now way in sight to improove my offense or strengthen my defense… I could keep working on 4* projects but I got 30 maxed 4* and I don’t feel like I need more at the moment… beside, all unleveled 4* I got are vanilla… I could go work on 3* for tourneys, but the situation is about the same there… got 28 maxed… at least I got Hissan here, I could work on him… even if I don’t really need him… what I need are 5*… I only got 6 of them maxed with no unleveled ones worth the 4* mats and they seem to be impossible to get for me lately… summons only brings 3*, TC20 has been dry for about two month… I’m taking a third TC to 20 now to increase my chances but if the third will work just as well as my current active two, then I’m all out of ideas…For the first time since I started playing I feel like I’ve hit a plateau and I’m going nowhere fast… without a target, game is becoming routine…


30 maxed 4* heroes are just the beginning. I am working on having 18 of each color. The majority of mine are plain vanilla or dupes, but when it comes to wars, having flexibility is key.


I don’t have the roster space for that kind of stunt, nor do I see the point of having 3 Chao and 4 Skittleskull. If I’ll get another key 4*, even a double for Proteus or Boldtusk or Wilbur, I’ll level him asap… but with raiding being my main concern, 4* doubles just don’t cut it… I need heroes that can hold their ground around 2600 cups.


I feel ya. Almost 2 years in now. I have a couple 5* worth it when the Mats come.

5* Level Color Emblems
Khiona 4-80 Purple 10
Victor 4-80 Purple
Obakan 3-70 Purple
Quintus 3-70 Purple
Mok-Arr 4-80 Purple 4
Sartana 3-70 Purple
Seshat 4-80 Purple 6
Kunchen 4-80 Purple 9
Onatel 4-80 Yellow 9
Joon 4-80 Yellow
Vivica 4-57 Yellow
Drake 4-80 Yellow 10
Drake 3-70 Yellow
Isarnia 4-80 Blue
Richard 3-70 Blue
Athena 4-80 Blue 5
Lianna 4-80 Green
Kadlien 4-80 Green 2
Horghall 1-26 Green Garbage
Natalya 4-80 Red 8
Natalya 3-70 Red
Elena 3-70 Red
Anzogh 4-80 Red
4* Level Color
Tiburtus 4-70 Purple
Tiburtus 3-60 Purple
Rigard 4-70 Purple
Rigard 4-70 Purple
Merlin 4-70 Purple
Sabina 4-70 Purple
Proteus 4-70 Purple
Proteus 4-70 Purple
Ameonna 3-60 Purple
Boomer 3-13 Purple
Jabbar 3-60 Purple
Gretal 4-70 Yellow
Wu 4-70 Yellow
Wu 3-60 Yellow
Chao 4-70 Yellow
Danzaburo 4-70 Yellow
Li Xiu 4-70 Yellow
Kiril 4-70 Blue
Kiril 4-70 Blue
Kiril 3-60 Blue
Sonya 4-70 Blue 20
Sonya 3-60 Blue
Grimm 4-70 Blue 20
Grimm 4-70 Blue
Boril 4-70 Blue
Valeria 4-70 Blue
Captain of Diamonds 4-70 Blue
Triton 4-70 Blue
Triton 4-70 Blue
Jack O’hare 4-70 Green
Caedmon 4-70 Green 20
Caedmon 4-70 Green
Melandor 4-70 Green
Melandor 4-70 Green
Melendor 4-18 Green
Gadeirus 4-70 Green
Buddy 4-70 Green
Gobbler 3-60 Green
Little John 3-60 Green
Kashhrek 4-70 Green
Hansel 4-70 Green
Scarlet 4-70 Red
Wilbur 4-70 Red
Wilbur 4-70 Red
Boldtusk 4-70 Red 19
Boldtusk 4-70 Red
Boldtusk 3-60 Red
G. Falcon 4-70 Red
Sir Lancelot 4-70 Red
Kellile 4-70 Red
Gormek 4-70 Red
Colen 3-60 Red
Sumitomo 4-70 Red
Tyrum 3-50 Purple
Balthazaar 3-50 Purple
Chocin 3-50 Purple
Melia 3-50 Yellow
Bane 3-50 Yellow
Valen 3-50 Blue
Vodnik 3-50 Blue
Gato 3-50 Blue
Muggy 3-50 Green 19
Belith 3-50 Green
Berden 3-50 Green
Rudolph 3-50 Red
Hawkmoon 3-50 Red
Azar 3-50 Red
Bauchan 3-50 Red
Bauchan 2-38 Red
Thorne Blue
Isarnia Blue
Richard Blue
Rigard Purple
Merlin Purple
Sabina Purple
Caedmon Green

I would go with some duplicate healers for war … Rigard, Sabina, Melendor, Boldtusk
And a second Proteus if you have one.

Not as lucky as to get a second Proto… I consider my self extremely lucky for getting the one I have… I’d max a second fish-face the day I got him. For healers, I have all the 4* classics and 3/60 doubles for Boldtusk, 2 x Sabina and Melendor, but I don’t miss them in war… I usually get top war attacker (both sides) every few wars. My usual war targets vary between 3900 and 4200 and I usually get 3 or 4 one-shots, no trouble. I neeeeeddd 5*****. I’m sitting on a pile of 4* AM’s, about enough or close enough for two in each color, not to mention the mountain of 3* AM’s and I have no heroes worthy of them… that’s sad…

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Here is my plan, and of course it can be changed if there are new pulls or other cases like buff heroes update, etc.
Since February 2019 (10 month).


How many 5* vanilla heroes do you have? I think you should run 4 TC20s until you get something worthy of working on and then switch 2-3 of the camps to TC1/TC2/TC11/TC19 until you max that hero, then repeat.

We had a discussion in another thread on how to spend your gems. (Give us "strike 5"! - #3). Your best bet is to save gems (for months) for a x10 pull - in Guardians, for example, as the 4* heroes there are great, imho. The chance of getting a 5* is tiny but it’s not impossible to get a 4* hero. Also, in my experience, doing more pulls at a time gives you a better chance of getting the HotM.


After 30 months or so, i’m totally on the opposite situation.

Always had plenty of resources and no interesting heroes to use them on, but lately i had to powerlevel 4 heroes in a row (Guinevre, Grazul, Magni and Kingston) and still having Black knight (waiting for the last ring) and Neith (which i do not powerlevel to not finish her too fast).
2 HotM and stop in more then 2 years, and then 5 limited time in 3 months.

Then i plan to do Atlantis summon, and i can be or very lucky and get what i want immediately (so another legendary) or not lucky and must do a 30x summon and probably get several atlantis heroes i don’t have (Melia, Chochin, eventually a third Namahage, Proteus, Gadeirus, Triton, Danzaburo).

Then i should go after buddy with my last 40 coins.

30 months of playing, and i’m never been so buisy and as short on resources as right now, lol.


I’m in a similar situation and that’s my plan. Upgrading my last TC now.

I feel you @Ian487 - only a new 5* scratches the itch and feels like progress.


Take a week break while your TC’s work

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I second this.

I had a spell over the summer where I had no mats, no heroes worth ascending, no energy for the game.

So I opted out of wars, took a little break, and found myself very hungry to play after about 3 weeks.

Maybe it’ll help :woman_shrugging:


Yes, I remember that one. As I said then, summons got me nowhere… I must be around 600 summons with only Sartana to show for that… I tried everything I could think of… individual gem summons, 10x, individual tokens, 30 tokens for the spring event, 20 tokens for Morlovia, every Atlantis coin available, challenge coins lately… it’s like a curse… no 5* are coming my way… I got 13 total, all from TC20… 6 maxed… the rest doubles and triples, unworthy of 4* AM’s… Now even TC20 went silent since about two month ago, maybe even more… I run two of them round the clock, work on the third (17-18). I’m at a stand still… hope it’ll end soon…


@Peazomanco, @Dozer, thanks for the advice, but no can do… I enjoy the game, can’t even think of a break. That’s why I started this thread… to see if there are any in the same boat as me and how they deal with it… we just won war #3, can’t leave my team down.


About 4-5 months ago I was in the same situation. I left my top100 alliance and started a solo one just to chill out and fight wars and fill chests while saving up summons and running 3 tc20s. I filled a war chest in 3 weeks and then left and went to help some beginners for a while and that was fun. Helping them out with little tricks and who to level, and even killing more titans and getting them more loot.

Then after a couple of war chests there, I left again and went back to my solo alliance for another war chest. Some friends visited me to hang out here and there and then I ended up heading to another more novice alliance to help out again in a similar manner as before.

Meanwhile tc20 popped me out 2 five stars I could really make use of, and then saved up summons got me Kingston. All of a sudden I burned through my resource savings leveling and my roster opened up with new teams and different synergies and such.

And that’s where I’m at now. So, I don’t really have a suggestion for you or anything. Just wanted to let you know how it went down for me and how I’ve been continuing on. Good luck :+1:


Well, for what it’s worth, after I wrap Seshat, I’ll have no mats until christmas at least. My plan:

  1. Stock up on a TON of feeder heroes
  2. Work on troops because they’re not at 30 yet
  3. Collect emblems
  4. Participate in wars + titans
  5. Do a set of weight lifting between each raid in the morning, which is how I play lol - motivates me to get strong! Fits right into my day between waking up and going to work.

It might sound silly but I use this game to deliver dopamine while I take rest intervals between weight-lifting sets. Makes it feel like I’m doing something quite productive while playing lol


I’ve been in your shoes (The Diary of the FTP who finished 53rd in legendary). It was 1 year and 9 months for me until I got my first 5* from pulls but it was Hel! Were there any moments during these 21 months when I was discouraged? Yes. But my love for the game and my alliance kept me playing.

You’ve had bad luck with pulls but they are the best way to progress in the game. The mistake I used to do in the past was to use EHT, Atlantis coins and gems right away when I had enough for a pull.

It’s been just two months since challenge coins have been in the game. My advice is to choose an event from which you want the 4* heroes and save the coins for it. I learnt the hard way that trying for every single event but not concentrating on one is a bad idea.

Don’t get discouraged. You’re in a very bad streak but this means that a good streak is coming. Good luck!


Then you can just fight the wars and titans. Enjoy the social part of the game.

I usually do the chores when autoplay. On saturday - Sunday I was at the gym by 2 am and played a little while ended the workout at the bike.

You can leave a solo ally as the one and last without any members left and simply rejoin this empty ally?