Dreadnaught Looking For You!


If you had three wishes, would one of them be riches, one would be eternal life and one would be an awesome alliance? Well, I can help you with one of the three! Come check out Dreadnaught and see what we are about. We currently have no trophy requirement and, as a matter of fact, our only requirements at all is just hitting at least one out of three titans and one out of two wars. Anyone can do that!

We are a mature alliance with tons of experience looking to add to our ranks with people who have it figured out or are still doing the figuring! Either way, we would love to have you. We are currently fighting 5 star titans but are working our way back up to the specials and etc.

Be an International Man of Mystery! (or woman) and Join Dreadnaught! Come check us out!

Thanks for your time!



Thank you to the people who have shown up! We have new members coming in!

If you are still looking for an alliance, here are our simple rules: 1. Try to congratulate new levels and talk when you feel like it. 2. Hit at least one out of three titans. 3. Participate in at least one out of two wars.

That’s it! Other than that, we are pretty laid back and like to have fun. Most of us have been together for months.