Dreadnaught Has Two Spots Open

Dreadnaught, an alliance with a 101125 score that is rising, is looking for long term members to fill recent openings around the 22-50 range. We are an alliance with a family feel and we want someone who will fill that spot. We use LINE and are active both there and in chat. We are currently fighting 8 star titans and trying to progress as a team to get to knocking down the 8 and 9 stars on a regular basis.

Our requirements are 600 trophies and we require that you attack one out of three titans and use all your flags in wars. So far we have not even remotely had an issue with that.

How do you know if you are a good fit for us? We are an alliance that is getting to know each other. We have fun with the game and try to get better as a team while keeping the focus on having fun. We don’t have anyone yelling and we don’t have anyone threatening to kick you out if you don’t do the damage they want you to do. We have plenty of advice and members who do the research to get the answers you didn’t even know you needed. So, if you want to come in a fun, friendly environment that still manages to advance in the game and have fun while having a great conversation and tons of laughs, then come join the Dreadnaught family!

Thank you for considering us! We can’t wait to meet the final pieces of our puzzle that gets us to a full alliance family again.


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Just want to add- I love my alliance Dreadnaught . ZERO DRAMA! And we have some seasoned players who are super willing to pull you up and help with wars and titans. I was worried about being pressured to spend money but no one ever does that. If you have not joined but you know you need to to get better loot for ascension, give us a try!

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Bump to find our last member! Come check us out. Our newest members have been here a month now and our oldest members have been with us for over a year. See why people want to come and stay.

We are still waiting on out last member to join. If you are looking for a fun no pressure alliance with no drama and a great attitude that genuinely has fun playing together, then check us out. We have members all the way around the globe and have learned about each other and even shared pictures and stories on LINE. If you are interested, give us a shout. We just knocked out an 8 star titan and are looking for the right people to help us get up in the rankings the right way, with a fun attitude.

Questions? Please ask, I would be happy to answer anything you are curious about.

Thanks for giving us a shot!

I’m interested if you have a spot.

We got a new member this morning and have room for one more person now. (I kicked my low level alt to make room!)

Come see what we are about and join the Dreadnaught Family.

I am the “new member”. I will say that, without a doubt this is the Best alliance I have ever been a part of. Everyone welcomed me with words of kindness. I already feel like I belong. If you have any doubts about joining, like I initially did, try us out. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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Thank you for the response, Joe. We love it when our members find their way home. Our only requirements are that you participate in one out of two wars and one out of three titans. However, our members do much more. We talk, laugh, and have fun playing a game. If this sounds like what you have been looking for, come give us a try. We have one more spot open and then we will have a full alliance looking to grow together. Just a short while back, we were knocking out 6 star titans without issue but having issues with 7 star titans. Now we are knocking out the 7 stars and working on getting the 8 stars on a regular basis. We are growing as an alliance and doing it while having fun!

Come see what we are about!

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We still have one spot open for the right member. First come, first served. Please come check us out. We only require 800 trophies, fight one out of three titans and participate in one out of two wars. We have a wealth of knowledge on LINE and are always looking for new ways to grow.

We are no drama and we enjoy talking to each other. If you are looking for an alliance that is low key and doesn’t forget that we still play a game while trying to continuously better ourselves and grow as an alliance together, then maybe Dreadnaught is for you! Come check us out and be part of the Dreadnaught Family!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We had one person say they were on the way to join but they didn’t show up. I hope they found the right alliance for them. If you are still looking for the right alliance, we have a spot and maybe it is here for you! Come check us out!

We are still looking for the remaining members to get our alliance to 30. We just finished our war (with a win!) and had all of our members use all their flags except one whose phone died and one member who is still working on 6 complete teams. We are working with them to let them at least have 6 beginning teams so we can get those flags. Honestly, had the other team used their flags the way we used ours, we would have lost that war. Sometimes, participation will win wars! This is what it means to be part of a team, no… family… that grows together towards being better. No one wants to be the one that lets the others down. Come check us out. Find out why there are members that don’t ever want to go to a different alliance.

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