Dreadnaught and You, A Winning Combination!


Who are we? Dreadnaught! We came from another alliance that had grown stagnant, changed leadership and are now rebuilding to form an alliance of like minded individuals. We all joined this game because it looked interesting and we love laying the smack down on titans and in wars but I think there is something more. I love being able to chat with members about their days and different play styles and set ups for the titans and general fighting. We constantly have questions about how this hero or that could make the difference. Do you have two healers in your main line up? Are you using just one?

Part of the fun of playing is helping the new comers to gain skill and knowledge that I have acquired over the time I have played. What we want now is mid level players who can help with what they have learned while still leaving room to learn further. We want to grow with you and we want to explore the game from a true alliance.

So come join Dreadnaught. Our rules are simple; 1. Hit at least 1 out of 3 titans, 2. Participate in at least 1 out of 2 wars. 3. Have fun and communicate, use chat and help out the newer players.

In one month of play, we will promote to Elder, and all Co-Leaders are considered officers and are expected to take a more active role in the alliance and recruit.

Thank you for your time and have fun!



As information on where we are as an alliance, we currently have 16 members are are transitioning from 5 to 6 star titans. Thank you to the people who have inquired so far, it’s always nice to have new blood in the alliance.