Draws ? How do u get better

Why should anyone spend anything on this game??? My last 9 draws is nothing over 3* and nothing new.why does this game advertise u can get better hero’s?? It would seem u can’t, or is it a matter of how much do I need to spend??? Am I doing it wrong???


You’re doing it wrong

You need to do 10 push-ups before each draw and then count to 10

This got me

Why should you need to do something to get better draws? All games that have a random draw like this have a low chance of getting something good. I don’t know what the chances are in this game but in most games it is somewhere between 5-10% chance of getting top rewards in a random pull.

If the chance is 5% of getting 4* or 5* then 1 in every 13 persons will not get any 4* or 5* in 50 draws.
If the chance is 10% of getting 4* or 5* then 1 in every 500 persons will not get any 4* or 5* in 50 draws.

I just started playing yesterday, and spent my first 300 gems today and got Sartana a 5* which is just insanely lucky would be my guess.

I need ur advice :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing for 140 days and still have only one 5*, I look forward to how u get on

I’d recommend upgrading a training camp to level 20 as soon as you can. The odds of getting a 5* hero from TC20 are supposedly better than from epic summons, plus no gems required.

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same advise from me as lexian…Most of my 5 and 4*s came from Training Camp Level 20…

I’m lvl 18, it’s along way lol. Thanks

Mr. DD had more luck :wink:

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Stick to the 5%. It is that bad.

It’s definitey a luck based thing as can be seen from ducks openings.

In saying That I haven’t had much luck to this point. (Level 33 after playing since early March and only managed Richard from elemental summon).

Anyone who’s spent any time on these forums will know that it’s good and bad luck and mostly people only wanna tell you when they’re on the bad end of that coin toss.

I had enough for six pulls and really wanted to land jackal. Managed boldtusk and panther from my pulls so I’m loving life right now :slight_smile:

Not having better luck other times made me so much happier now and I can actually start to ascend what I pulled today whereas if it came earlier I wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway, making it a waste!

Yep, stick to the 5%… or even les…
Spend like € 15 on this game and got nothing more than some 3* heroes from draws.
I had drawn better heroes when I didn’t spend any money…
Frustrating as hell…

Agrred,spending is not wise lol

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today it can not be worse, saving for the event, I accumulated 13 and nothing of event, 3 of 4 and 2 repeated, the other bad. If I had thrown in the other or elementary I would have gone better.

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