Draw Raid Battles When Both Teams Die

I think there is an unfair trophies distribution when you are in a raid and there is no hero standing at the end, for example I’ve Boril as a defender, almost gone, but the enemy is also almost gone with the last hero, so one attack from the enemy, kills my Boril, but kills him self also, the attacker loses (because no hero is standing) fair!, but the defender can’t claim anything (trophies nor resources) because has no hero standing either, is technically a draw, if there is no hero standing from enemy’s team, “who is coming and taking my trophies” ???

I’ve being in several scenario like that one, where we kill each other at same time, but, still they are taking my trophies, that’s not fair, if, from your team no one is standing, you can’t take anything.

Anyone going thru this also?

If everybody dies, defenders win.

You’re attacking, so technically it could be argued that the trophies lost are the ones your fallen heros lost on the battlefield. Which presumably would be the defenders base. Hence their cups go up, yours go down.

Why soldiers would carry around multiple amounts of cups, thats beyond me.

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Agreed defender wins, but if no hero standing from defender team, who is claiming the trophies??? Think in a real arena, if every body dies during the fight, who takes the reward??? I don’t get it, for me still is not fair, losing trophies to a dead team

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I’m assuming the trophies dropped by your fallen heros are collected by the weeping widows of the fallen defenders.

These widows live in the defending kingdom, using these cups to decorate the shrines of their fallen loved ones.

Thus your lost cups end up in the physical realm of the defenders.

(Also, I’m in no way arguing in a serious manner now, I just found this written equilibrism to be fun)

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By preventing you from taking their trophies/food/iron - whether or not they survive - they win and reap the benefits. It’s not even about where the trophies are physically, whether a hero remains or not by keeping you from winning they automatically win, there is no draw.

I would buy it :slight_smile:

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