Draugr's special "Eternal Loyalty" executed, but not hit registered

I was in a War battle just now. I got given a pretty good board and was able to charge up Eternal Loyalty in three separate occasions, once for each of three different Draugrs. I thought: “Haha! I have you now, Quintus. You won’t be able to fire your special now and I’ll take the victory.”
First Eternal Loyalty. Targeted Quintus. Fired. No hit registered. My Draugr wasn’t blinded or anything, but Quintus was like: “Okay, anytime now.”
Second Eternal Loyalty. Targeted Quintus. Fired. Not hit registered. My Draugr still wasn’t blinded or anything, but Quintus was like: “I got things to do, places to be, man…”
Third Eternal Loyalty. Targeted Quintus. Fired. No hit registered. My Draugr still wasn’t blinded or anything, but Quintus was like: “Oh, you give up? No problem. I’ll just fire my special and finish you off. Thank you for being so generous. LOLZ”

So Devs, what’s up with that and why did I lose the 24 War points? I’m really not amused, guys.

Last I saw, Eternal Loyalty has no damage component:

So targeting an enemy and firing Eternal Loyalty would do no damage. You’d need to use tiles, or a different Special Skill.

Have I misunderstood what you meant?

Hi Zephyr.
Interesting that you quote your own quote rather than doing some basic fact-checking.
Shadereave is one of my best Fire heroes, so I can confirm a Draugr ordinarily attacks for 100% upon executing their Eternal Loyalty.
It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t have and/or don’t use him (he’s not very popular) but I do.
If you scroll down the thread you quoted, you will find screenshots to support my claim of an attack. Draugrs are geared toward attack. They don’t survive long on the battlefield, but I rely on them as a last hope for leaving a parting shot.
In this case, the game bugged out and did not give me those three parting shots which almost certainly would have turned the tide in that particular battle.
Please validate this as a bug, a complaint and a request for compensation for my Alliance: House Of Shannara, for whom I was fighting. If we lose by a reasonably small margin, I will be able to confidently point the finger at this bug. It’s not just about the 24 points, but also one of my colleagues had to waste a War flag to finish off a couple of mortally wounded heroes on the team, so it is a significant issue when every flag counts in a war.


Blame SGG

They deliberately leave out important information on the hero.

Makes bug checking a pain in the rear end.

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This is

not great.


@zephyr1 is a volunteer forum moderator.

You will have to file a customer support request ( see notes )


I want to advise you, SGG very seldom changes war outcomes.

I would file the request, but keep your expectations very low.


(How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards))

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Thanks, I see those now, I hadn’t bothered looking extensively, just quickly to confirm my own recollection that the Beta version I screenshotted hadn’t had an attack component.

I’ve updated my original post in the quoted thread for future reference.

As @Gryphonknight said, I’d suggest contacting Support so they can hopefully investigate further.

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