Drama Free Reboot - Great Alliance Family Main Hitting 11 Star Titans Looking for Drama Free Players

Hey everyone. Drama Free Reboot is an international alliance with members from all over the world. We hit 10-11 star titans and have active members with an average of over 2400 cups. When full we take down 12 stars. Most of the members have been in the alliance for over a year.

We are looking for active and drama free members :slight_smile: for our alliance. 10 fully leveled 5 stars with 6 war teams and you are good to join. Use you war flags (or opt out). hit titans and enjoy your time.

Just respond to the post or search Drama Free Reboot from alliance search and we’ll welcome you to the family!

7 spots open. Here is a view of our roster. Come join our family!

A little bump :slight_smile: come join our family.

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