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Does anyone want drake? Do you think they will ever allow us to trade heros within alliance?


If they ever allow trading (even if limited to in-alliance) there would be far fewer summons as players will be able to trade extras they do not want for something they actually do want.

Players would be able to specifically acquire what they want without spending additional gems. That will result in less income for the game developer, making it unlikely for the game developer to implement.

It could be that the trade mechanic is made to cost gems… that was SGG does get something out of it.

Unless they start to loose players in massive numbers I don’t think there would be a reason for them to implement a mechanic that costs them money and provides no benefit other than making players happy.


Totally agree with you, it’s all about making the money.


I don’t think it would have to big of an impact on their wallet as you would probably be trading 5*’s for other 5*’s. Currently as it sits I have a bunch of extras that won’t ever be able to be maxed out and they are just sitting their while other players have other 5’s just sitting there they will never get to. I think it could actually result in more money for them as players do pulls to get additional food to max out their new 5* they just got in a trade.

However unfortunately even tho it’s been highly requested SG has already said they don’t have any plans to allow trading. It’s very sad hopefully if we keep requesting it and they see how much we would love trades they will rethink the idea.


So what do you think of a small fee for us to make the trade happen, like .50 fee between both people. The developer’s and the players can be happy. Not much spending but alot of trading that will add up to alot of money.


I wish for no fee lol but yeah as long as it’s a small fee I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t mind.


I’d do $50 for a 5 star swap, option to pay for the other player’s fee as well. $20 for a 4 star swap. Caveat being they revert to 1/1 on the trade if they’re leveled.


Better policy is can’t trade once unfarmable Ascension materials are used. Unfarmable mats should cause the hero to become soulbound


$50 is a very high price Lucas .50 cent for a unlevel hero and maybe $5 for a full level hero.


99% of players in this game either could not afford or justify anywhere near that fee


Could easily make it 500 gems…

That’s a few dollars Spent. Even if free to play, that’d mean a fair few mystic visions which would no doubt still be a revenue source.

I’d love to see trades. People have spent a lot of money.

I do realise the potential for players to profit via third party selling of heroes, but maybe it’s a only within alliance and min 30 days kinda thing?

That’d stop people hopping from alliance to alliance peddling their wares. Makes selling heroes a much longer sell.

I really REALLY wanted drake. No yellow fives :frowning:
Buddy in alliance pulled 6 of them


Greg, Greg and more Greg, yours for mine, Joon ? Guardian Jackal ?


Like that idea Fira, Gems for a trade in the Alliance. Keep those idea coming guys. There is no way we can have all these same 5* hero and level them up. Other players would love to be able to trade.


and yet many many players spend way more than that each month trying to get hotm.


Devs might go for trade-in as opposed to trade.

S1 4/5* would have set value in gems you would receive at summonsgate only when making a new summons. S2 heroes would be trade back for coins.

It would be like trading in a car. Only good toward new purchase.


Many do. Most don’t. Surely the main reason to introduce a trade system is to allow alliances to swap among themselves? The ‘money’ has already been spent gaining the hero in the first place


I can tell you for certain that if trading was allowed, the collective spend amongst the group for a decent spending group absolutely would go down. No doubt. The question is would it go up enough amongst the rest of the population to offset that big loss. My guess is no.


Hard to say. The big spending groups would be swapping a narrow and very specific group of heroes. Admittedly, the type of heroes that individual spend big $ trying to summons. So you’re probably right for an initial swapping phase.

The frenzy would continue as they all attempt to pull new, desirable heroes.

My guess is most trades would happen in the lower to mid level alliances. I’d love to help newer players in my alliance by giving them dupe 4* heroes.

But i wouldn’t pay to do that.


I’d love it to be possible in some format but I don’t think it will ever be a thing.

There’s too many “i spent $xx trying to get hotm” posts about.

There’s gonna be instances where people push so hard for a guin or a panther or similar and get 5-10 hotm that they’ll trade them and the market for people wanting hotm goes offline.

Although I guess those guys might then push harder for their desired challenge heroes??

I agree with @Dante2377 though - as much as I’d love trades, I feel like it would represent a decrease in overall spending and probably never happen because of that :frowning:


exactly - you’d love to help them out, which would cause a decrease in their spending. I’d absolutely love to help people out with dup 4s.