Drake vs Uraues

Hello, I am looking for advice on whom to level between drake and uraues. Thank you in advance for any and all help.

Drake Fong for sure!

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For all around defense and use Drake 100%. Ureaus needs minion or fiends to really shine

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Do you need a sniper or an AoE hero? Each has their benefits.

Uraeus actually hits pretty hard, plus there are tons of minions now.

Drake is great if you are starting off in the game cause he’s not bad on defense and useful on offense with his blind.

I’d say look at what you think you need and then pick it. BOTH are great choices and you cannot go wrong. Then you can get the mats to level the other later on down the road.

Minions are everywhere these days, uraeus

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Drake gets my vote every time… Fast mana, hits three… Blind… Uraeus is good drake better.

My vote is definitely:


Literally the only time I could see myself choosing Uraeus over him would be if my roster depth was sufficient - as I already had enough blind/fast/offensive holy heroes at my disposal - and wanted a counter to this current minion/fiend meta (or to pair with someone like Elizabeth on defense)

So unless that sounds like you, go Drake and never look back :grin: He’s great for every facet in the game.

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