Drake vs Neith. Does she have any pros

So, I was surprised because even though they are similar, nobody adressed the question directly (although it pops in many treads).
On the one hand, no long ago Drake was considered one of the top 5 5☆ star heroes, and he is still seen in many deffenses on the top 100.
On the other hand, Neith was considered untherwhelming by the community, and currently a buff is being asked for. However, he is seen in the top 100 deffense teams as often as Drake, if not more. She also had slightly better stats than Drake, as she is more recent.
So, I would like to know the feelings of veteran players (probably won’t happen and this thread will dissapear in the forum, however, if you have both maxed, how do you feel about each one? Also, if you know somebody that own both, would you mind tagging her/him?)

I don’t have neither of them, but in my experience in raids, Drake is much more used.

Neith’s blinding is slightly more annoying because she also cut mana, meaning you’ll need at least one more turn to activate a cleanser.

But overall I find Drake superior, because of his better damage. Also, being a Monk he has the chance to avoid negative statuses

Funny you said that. I have both, although being at 2/60 is imposible for me to make an accurate comparation. But, although I consider Drake much more solid than Neith, weird enough I tend to kill him easily on raids, while Neith fires from time to time and have caused me some losses. It beats me why is that so. :thinking: :grey_question:

To provide more data, I am in diamond league, usually around 2600 cups.
I definitely encounter more Drakes than Neith.
I find him more threatening than Neith and he fires more often (but it has to be taken under consideration that I face her much less).
I have no problems in killing them both, as I often go mono purple, but when I fight Neith I feel more relaxed than with Drake, as her hit is weaker and she’s average speed

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Well, thats interesting. Truth to be told, I’m on platinum around 2100 cups, and don’t face neither of them too often. About my weird experience with Neith, prob I played badly those matches. :rofl: Shame there is nobody here with both maxed to give us more first hand accurate information, but I appreciate your insigh and it seem logical compared with what you read in other parts of the forum. :+1:

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I have neither but raid in the top of diamond so I face them a lot. I would definitely take drake on offense but on defense I would rather face him than neith. That’s because I can cleanse drakes blind and heal his damage the turn after he fires. With neith I need at least another match to do that first, which can further charge enemies and cause the match to be lost. It’s that extra match you have to make that I feel is underestimated.

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Well, it’s only 10% but the few I times I fought her I tended to have my three purples/reds charged and hated her for that. So ty for your view.

You also have to consider Classes. Monks don’t really have a lot of competition for emblems. Rangers on the other hand, you have Seshat, Lianna, Finley and Alasie. But you see where I am going. Embleming Neith over any of these is a big mistake in my opinion.

Drake also fires faster, resists statuses thanks to his class (on def this is useful), hits harder. Neith’s small mana cut can in theory hurt but could also be pointless.

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