Drake vs Gravemaker slight difference, why?



Why does gravemaker do extra damage vs nature but drake doesn’t do extra damage vs dark?

Not a huge deal, just figured it’s kinda odd

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Is it just the DOT that does higher damage?

That might be why - Drake blinds but does no further damage.

Maybe he could blind dark for am extra turn.

Well drakes special skill does do more damage but not as frequently as gravemaker but I know I’ve seen a few heros with an “extra vs certain element” perk but dont think I’ve seen any “extra damage vs dark” perk and drake would be a good 1st candidate for that i think.

Zel does extra vs blue
Athena vs fire
Grave vs nature
And i know we have someone that does it vs holy but cant remember who off the top of my head

That would be Hel and Mok-Arr, if I recall.

Both the initial damage and DoT are increased vs. green.

I think the difference is more thematic than balance oriented. GM is literally setting the target on fire, turning them to ash. That ought to hurt plant life more than other targets, and therefore deal extra damage to nature. Drake is hitting people with his flail. There’s no reason that should do different amounts of damage to different targets.

Natalya also does extra vs Nature.

@rigs I think your answer lies in the state of the meta when GM was released. Alberich was king of the hill, but there was a lot of resentment around the fact that he came along fairly early in the game—late enough to be merely rare, unlike a Hel, who was ultra-rare then. Natalya and GM were both designed, I believe, as Alberich killers. They succeeded in shifting the meta.

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I… I… stoped to look cards too much on details, or you find too much of this things with many (or none) good reasons for doing it.

It’s all good, it’s all good :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

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I didn’t stop and I still find painful comparing core heroes with premium ones.

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Sooo what about the others that do extra damage vs different elements?

So with hel, victor, panther, and soon kage populating the game, would drake be too strong if that was added to his special skill?

IMO, no, he wouldn’t be too strong if he did extra damage against Dark. But I can’t recall SGG ever going back and adding/dropping an element to a Special Skill on a released hero. Tweaking numbers seems to be the extent of their appetite.

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Yea i doubt they ever do it as well. I think it would make drake a little more viable at tank, and we definitely need variety in that position. He does ok as is, but i still feel he could do better with that small addition