Drake or the upcoming January HoTM?

So I have the ascension items to ascend Drake to the 4th level but I wanted to know if he will be worth it or should I wait for the January yellow HoTM because ascension items for holy heroes seem to be hard to come by. Does anyone have any info on the latest upcoming yellow hero?

No information out yet for the January HOTM, or at least that I have seen. However, Drake is an excellent hero you wouldn’t regret maxing him. He’s good at 3/70 but like most 5* not great until well into the 4th Level. I have both Drake and Joon, Drake is better on Defence and I actually prefer to take him on offence. Hitting 3 with his blind can be invaluable.


I second Dawnsky :blush::blush::blush:

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Right now I have him at 65/3, so he’s almost there, so I’ll be ascending him shortly. Too bad there’s no info on the 2019 January Yellow HoTM.

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Shiloh Desert will be in the beginning of December so you will get another dart there and who knows, maybe one will come in the Halloween Calendar.

Good Luck on Drake, I’m positive you will like him :blush:

No informations about january HotM, but i suggest you waiting the Atlantis portal.

There should be an interesting yellow hero there :blush:

Better than Drake though? What does he do?

I’m not 100% confident SHE coming this month, but SHE is unique, useful and… hot :face_with_monocle:

Just wait 2 days.

Elpis, define hot pls :joy:

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Maybe my definition of hot tend to be very generous among womens :grin:

Better then Zeline but less then Marjana for me :face_with_monocle:

Suddenly this becomes very subjective. You are putting gypsy lady > sexy fairy.

Your taste now becomes very subjective. :laughing:


But i totally agree Marjana>Zeline. Haha

They borrowed Ahri from League of Legends! :wink: She is definitely hot.

Once I look closer from my phone, I gotta agree.

Spanish musketeer chick is prettier than sexy fairy. :joy:

Ahri is closer to Vivica’s costume if you ask me.

If they’re talking about the yellow hero I suspect, she’s definitely foxy.


Do we have already any news related to January 2019 HotM?

The theory on this one is that it is another mana control hero, except a mana-theft.

Cannot corroborate :wink:

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Understood. Can you share the name?

Slips my mind at the moment, but i THINK it will be used as a tank

Thanks for the info. Have nice rest of the day

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