Drake or Rana

I have a Drake and Rana both at 3/70.

Which one to up since I only enough darts to ascend one of them.

Both are good but not sure which one is better defensively.
Fast mana with triple blind or average mana with triple anti-healing and DoT.

I dont have Rana…but I do have Drake. I will take triple blind with very fast mana any day over dot

Don’t have them but just want to point out that Drake is just “fast”.


I have 2 drakes. Unlvled and a Rana at 80 I can tell you Rana is a beast I don’t know about Drake yet I need to lvl one first but my next set of darts are going to Vivica and then I’ll ha 5 hero 80 team with Aliases, Red Hood, Rana, Greg, and when I can Vivica

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I decided to up Drake for the defensive factor.

Besides Rana, I also have a Vivica on the waiting list.

Who else do you have at 4/80? I prefer Rana personally, but heroes need to be chosen to build a team, not individually.

Not much. Only Drake is at ascension 4.

All my 5* are at 3/70. I play mostly my 4* heroes. Zero green 5* and red 5* although I do have ascension mats for them if I ever come across a hero. I have all tc20 gold 5* (and 3 x Leonidas).

Was not the most delighted when I pulled Vivica and Domitia as of late. Would be great if I can get an Azlar, Marjana or Lianna. Ascension mats are also messing with me. The ones I get from rewards are rings (13) and tonic (11). I still want my telescope for Alasie or probably more darts. My tabards are also waiting for at least Sartana (no I am not goint to up Domitia or Obakan).

@Drob and @Kerridoc I have a Rana, but haven’t even started leveling her yet.

I’m trying to figure out what she’s good for.

I also have a max Joon and an almost maxed out Delilah.

Thanks in advance for any input regarding the talents of Miss Rana.

Rana is solid on defense but really shines on raid/war offense. She deals a huge amount of damage, including a solid hit up front, plus the self-cleanse as a little added bonus. Comparing her damage to Joon, against a typical 5* hero Joon will do about 780 damage (not counting troop effects on either side), while Rana does about 625 (split among the targets) PLUS 404 DoT on each target. And that DoT stacks with any other (non-sand) hero’s DoT. I know @Wharflord is thinking about building a Rana/GM/Locke trio that could be devastating.

Joon is better on titans, because of the blind mostly but also more one-target damage and fast v. average, plus a little edge on tile damage. Rana has a noticeably higher defense stat, though.

Compared to Delilah, it’s tough to say. Such very different roles.

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I have already maxed a Drake. For my second set of darts, Rana or second Drake?

I’d go for variety, hence: Rana :slight_smile:

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I dont have problems with Drake, he doesnt hurt much and I always take Rigard when I see him so blind isnt a problem.
Rana is more annoying (I happy I see she rarely) I can heal her “sand poison” with Rigard but her -75% healing debuff is terrible.
I hope I will get her in next Sand Empire

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Already maxed her. Not bad. :yum:

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How are you liking Rana?

Excellent in raids especially against those with healers. DOT + heal block = very good.

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Rana with Gravemaker is death


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