Drake or Joon

Who is better to ascend joon or drake? I have enough mats to fully ascend one holy 5* hero but I cant decide who is better. Please help

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Depends on what the rest of your team looks like.

  1. What other snipers do you have? Sartana?
  2. What other holy 5* heroes do you have?
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I have sartana almost fully ascended 4/54. Chao and wu kung fully ascended. Boldstuk and colenfor fire fully ascended and caedmon and kashhrek for nature fully ascended. elena at 2/60 and elkanen 2/60. No other 5* holy.

I’d probably do Joon first for Raid/AW defense purposes and also against purple titans.

Just my 2 cents though.

Thanks. Also, is it a good idea to ascend further elkanen? He is the only 5* green hero i have.

I’d go for Joon.

Joon is better for most things in the game.

Drake is a little better than Joon in defense though.

Beggars can’t be choosers if he’s the only one.

Are you planning on doing any summons for season 2? If you get Tarlak, then he is for sure the one to max out green wise.

Yes inplan to d summon in season 2. Will the gems work for season 2 summons as well? I have only gathered 6 atlantis coins thus far.


350 per summon, 3000 for 10x, 8400 for 30x

I have 1200 gems so far…,

Season 2 summons are expensive :frowning:

Indeed. Pay to play :sob::sob::sob:

Elkanen is either the worst or second-worst green 5*, depending on who you ask. There are several threads about him, e.g. 5* Elkanen

5* heroes are rare, but six mysterious tonics are even rarer. If you are relying just on TC20 and the occasional summons, I’d go ahead an move Elkanen up to 3/70. He’s certainly useless at 2/60. If you have a more substantial budget that allows you to do regular summons, I’d wait. Tarlak from Season 2 and Lianna from the regular set are both excellent. Plus there will be (expensive) chances for Alberich and Zeline over the next few months, both of whom are top-tier heroes.

If you don’t score some better 5* after Alberich and Zeline have come and gone again, then I’d recommend you go ahead and feed tonics to Elkanen.


Joon for raid attacks, war and titans
Drake lee for raid defense and if you don’t think you’ll ever get Guinevere

At 4.80 he is better than many 4.70 heroes for sure but his low ATK score and lack of team oriented utility prevent him to be a top hero. You have a lot of good green heroes outta here but he is not one of them.

To ascend if you’ll be likely unable to pull other 5* heroes before having another set of 6 mysterious tonics.

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Drake all the day, every day. Top Raid tank and attacker, too.

Having just ascended Joon I have noticed that I use both frequently but the decision matrix for me is this:

Is there someone on the other team I need to snipe or take out very quickly? (Eg. Alby, Finley, Kage) - if so then Joon is obviously much better for that purpose. I don’t have his costume but even more so costumed

But if I have a bit more time up my sleeve I use Drake.

On that basis I think Joon could actually be a bit better offensively. Drake is a better all-rounder I suppose.


that is true. I would wait for season 3.

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