Drake Fong or Malosi

Hello fellow E&P Players,

I’m looking for some advice here. 6 Darts are in my pockets, which Hero should I level up?

I’m looking for something holy for Attack. Already have Guin, Vivica and Joon at max and using them (Guin more than Joon) for Defense. Right now I have no holy Hero in Attack due to a Telly/Kingston Lineup which I like. I’m planning to replace Magni. I think he is a good Hero but just boring to play.

Waiting at 3/70 are Drake Fong and Malosi. Drake Fong clearly has the HeroRegrading advantage and would be suitable for Defense too. I never really got a feeling for him. He comes out for War on 4th or 5th attack or Events.

Malosi ob the other Hand has - in my opinion - a really unique and useful Special - very fast too. I think he would be great against Aegir, whom I somehow always struggle with and some of the other newer HotMs. Against him
speaks his weak Damage and that I also have Grazul, who serves a similar Role in my Attack Team (planning to replace her with Tyr, as soon as I lay Hands on him).

So, my gut says me I should level up Malosi. More fun, more niche. My Head says Drake Fong - mainly because of the much better over all Rating.

Ah, also waiting is Neith. Didn’t consider her at all. Maybe an Option?

Your Advice would be highly appreciated.


Drake is better fo defence than malosi but Joon is also good in def team. If you want max Malosi against Telly/Ursena/Kunchen do it, Joon can be in your def for a long time.

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Malosi is utility blocker for your offence, Drake is a good all-rounder, I think either would make fine choices depending on what you want

Honestly, it all depends on your preference ATM. Both are fine heroes and you’ll eventually max them both at some point. So just pull the trigger and have some fun!

While I don’t have Drake, I’d personally have ascended him over Malosi given the chance. Malosi is good at what he does, but can often times also leave you frustrated; a pure offensive hero that needs so much timing to be that effective. Like GRAZUL, there’s always this feeling that something is missing on their specials. And you really don’t need Malosi to win against Aegir lol. If Telluria is over-nerfed, you also wouldn’t really be needing Malosi for her either.

Drake has been fully ascended for me since October and he is a huge asset to my defence team, haven’t been tempted to swap him out. That being said, my 3.70 Malosi has replaced him on my raiding team, his skill is just so useful!

Either way you go, you will be happy. I’d suggest looking at who else you have for Barbarians and Monks and see what emblem competition there will be.

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I don’t have Drake, but recently brought Malosi up to 3/61 and have so much fun raiding with him and watching him power punch out the tank’s special into nothing more than an AoE or single hit. (or in the case of riposte tanks, absolute nothing LOL :grin:)

Do you have a lv 11 yellow mana troop? If yes that could sway the decision in favor of Malosi since he now charges in 6 tiles (2 matches) and is extremely good at what he does on offense. That innate resistance against def down also means he’s sturdier than he looks on paper. If you have Jackal as well, I’d say go Malosi since Jackal makes Malosi hit as hard as Joon but now with an added status block.

Thanks for your replys guys. I’m leaning to Malosi due to your advice and some testing. He is just fun to play, even on 3/70. Mana Troops are somewhat on Level 17ish, so there will be no mercy for these Tanks. :slight_smile:

I have Malosi at 3.70 and Drake +9 with Jackal and 2 mana troops. Honestly I use Malosi more on offense. Drake comes along when I go 3 holy. I can usually get 6 tiles before the tank fires, drake usually doesnt usually powerup until the tank is dead or fires. Drake is far superior as a defender.

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