Drake fong and neith in the same team?

Hello there,
what do you think of this defense team?(Upper)
Is it any good or I should stick with the team below?
Assume my neith is levelled and emblemmed ( I have mats i just need time)
My main argument about the above team is that neith reduces the mana of all enemies and applies blind for few turns which buys me time. During that time drake fong will fire and they will have blind for even more turns

On Defence? Probably not.

Main reason is that there is no protection against stacking Purple Heroes against them.

Personally I would go the second defence over the first.

Neith, despite the flack she gets, also has a lot of love when used on offence… Would make a great addition to a War Team, either separate to or in conjunction with Drake Fong… Together the blind would be constant :smiley:


I like to use two Neiths on offense — but it’s hard to give her emblems with Other defense minded Rangers out there…

On defense, I like that she doesn’t hit hard enough to suicide easily, but would choose Drake and pick a different Ranger vs going a double yellow — unless it was a purple heavy yurple configuration.

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Thank you guys for your replies :slight_smile:

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