Drake Fong and misses – does he cause allies to miss?

Before this hero I had sometime a miss with allasi ghost arrows or liana perfect shot… with him i have a lot more missis… no wu kong or similair opponents…

The misses % is so i can see effective to opponents… or also against own teammembers?

It happens sometimes 3 x in a row…

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Drake should not cause your own heroes to miss. If you are not using Wu or Ranvir on the same team as Drake, then is it possible that your opponent is using a blindness causer against you? If this isn’t the case, then I suggest filing a support ticket.

I would also look for something indicating that a rouge may have evaded the attacks, or Inari’s dodge or similar effect on the other side.

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Since i got him i see more and more missis…

No wu kon involved or simmalair heros…

Even alassi and liana skillz misses a lot more some time 3 in a row…

His mis chance would only opponents right?

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Only on opponents. If you’re heroes are missing, there’s 4 possible causes:

  1. Wu Kong buff is active ( ruled out by you)
  2. An opponent has fired a Blind hero of their own
  3. The enemy dodged the attack. Abilities from Rogue emblems and a few heroes allow this to happen.
  4. Dense Fog stages in Season 2

It happens also on atlantis normal monsters not the bosses…?

Farming atlantis at which Province and stage? because there are Dense Fog Special Stage.
And it written: Mana generation is slower then usual and all special skill attack have a chance to miss.


Thanks. I forgot about those!

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that name really gave me a good laugh :dash::dash::dash:

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Thanx… that will be it…

You made the wrong correlation…

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