☆Dragon's of the North☆

Looking to be part of a top 100 alliance?

Dragon’s of the North is the latest of the Northern (King of the North and Wolves of the North) family alliance to reach the top 100! Even hit #1 spot global not too long ago.

If you want to be a part of this amazing team let us know!


Here is a screen shot of us at #1 spot!


Want to be part of a top 100 alliance? We are always looking for strong candidates to add to our core members!

Free bump for an outstanding alliance

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Thank you page!
Wondering how useful these things are anymore?!
We are in the same family as Wolves of the North and King of the North!
If you wanna be part of an amazing alliance with an amazing family just reply here!

We may look full but have a few temps we could send on their way! Hit me up if interested! Also, got a new poster!


I can’t believe i mixed up there and their! How embarrassing.
Are our requirements too high? We’d still love to have you in the family! We have 10 different alliances for you to grow your way up with.

We will definitely need some people after war is over. Dragons need you!

Bumpity bump bump bump!

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