Dragons Mount V est. 2018

Hey there forum users

Feeling like you’re out growing your current alliance? Ready for bigger titans and structured war time? Or maybe you just want to get away from the drama? Then come check out Dragons Mount V.

We are a super friendly and enthusiastic group who are looking for a few members to fill our roster. We currently have 23 members and only need 7 so don’t lollygag too long.

Alliance requirements are fairly simple:

  • Hit the titan daily. Currently 9*-10* titans
  • Use all war flags if participating and follow super easy war guidelines
  • 2000 cup entry
  • Line is a must

Feel free to pop in and check us out we’re awesome I promise

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Update: 6 spots open

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I’m interested in your alliance. Do you guys have a war strategy? I’m tired of members in my alliance not listening and not using their war flags. I have a defense team of 4623. Looking for myself and a teammate.

Yeah we have a war strategy that we follow and its pretty easy

Update: 5 spots open

My self and a friend are very frustrated with half our alliance. looking to possibly upgrade. Do you have a tank requirement (color) ? we both are running telluria tanks aprox. 4300.

Sorry for the delayed response. We change tank colors from time to time but as of lately its been green tank.

Update 2 spots left.

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