I grind this game pretty hard.rarely have full energy so I’m used to getting a few bones or nuggets every day.in the last 2/3 weeks I’m lucky to get a few a week.is this just me or have they significantly lowered the drop rate of these itens.?

I find grinding 18-1 (expensive at 6 WE) drops both fairly regularly.

Haven’t noticed a change.

Havent noticede a Change.

I’ve noticed a serious drop as well especially in nuggets, but I usually farm in the lower levels (3 flags) maybe I’ll try the higher levels for awhile.

Farming on 3 energy zone and i think they are proportioned to the other items due the higher rarity.

Sadly i noticed that it is quite common to overuse nados and stops for doing meaningful damage right now.

I’ve run out of nuggets to make tornadoes and now I barely get them anymore. Will try 18-1 as per the suggestion.