Dragon vs Wyvern

It is a Wyvern, it is proven …

Now are those flying geese or ducks … ?

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This might be unexpected: they’re all adult male mallards (Anas platyrhynchos)!

Here’s a zoomed screenshot for verification:

You can clearly discern the typical green heads and black wing patterns, even the white ring around the neck on some.


Question 2

What is with all the males.

All male geese, all male villagers … ?

I will thus believe the wyvern is also a male.

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Ah. Good question. I have a plausible answer: in the world of Empires & Puzzles, all females are heroes.

You won’t find females doing chores around the house. Even the female ducks are away on an Epic mission to protect Duckkind.


Now who is promulgating world is flat theory? :grin:

A question for the experts in this topic: what kind of creature is it if its got 3 legs only?

Maybe a Wygon? :kissing_heart:

He’s a handicapped dragon. In the past, he was a wise and caring dragon, who used to give advice and support to a small village. However, when a group of adventurersess (since women are the ones who most go on adventures) heard of the amount of gold he had, they decided to kill him. They failed because the dragon escaped, but not before they were able to chop one of his front legs off. Maddened by the pain and loss of his gold, he now Raids alliances of adventurers in search for the female-only one who remove his leg. He will exact his revenge and remove them from the flat face of the Earth.

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Can i join your rouleplaygroup?

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Sorry, we’re closed. But you did get it right, I’m a DM in an ongoing campaign.

I played “Midgard” some years ago but i still got the data sheet of my character. If someone leaves, pleeeease let me in :heart_eyes:

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Not so fast. The fourth leg is obscured by the head; the claws are right beneath its jaw: :wink:


Hmmm. Looks to me as this is part of his head. Like a beard or something…

Doesn’t explain the crook of the arm above the head. :wink:

I got it! This is a spike!

Or the restof his leg. I like the story of Almeida so oo much. Don’t break my heart and tell me he lied :sob:

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Nah, it’s part of the head. There’s only a stump where the front leg should go. That’s the crook, @Rook

Hahaha you are all nerds! I love you.

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Hmmm well my take on this is that you are all raving bonkers :crazy_face::crazy_face:
Either that or killing time while waiting for flags to regenerate

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:grin: :grin: :grin:


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