Dragon that flies around in the village

It would be cool if we could get something for taking down the dragon and birds that fly around in the village (like battle items or crafting items or such). Also I think it would be cool if when we’re take them down (bits and dragons) that the people walking around would be able to collect them and cook them for dinner lol. I noticed that the birds will fly in front of the Stronghold but after they fall they disappear instead of falling to the ground. It would be a lot to change in the game so I know it might not happen but it would be really cool if the people in the village could pick them up and take them away

i feel sorry for the devs :smiley:

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IMHO the villagers should be able to eat the birds and the dragon should be able to eat the villagers :cut_of_meat:


I don’t know, but mine is coming down to the farms, is helping villagers with the crops then it takes the produced iron and it collects it automatically every hour.
I guess it’s just a matter of how well you trained your dragon…

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That explains why my dragon ■■■■■■ in the moat and causes the waterfall to run yellow.

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I have the yellow waterfall problem too

… Such as Dragon Bones and Sunspire Feather