Dragon strike rpg


I tried the dragon strike game after someone else was talking about it…very cartoonish and really seemed geared to a much younger audience from what I could see…st least for the few minutes it held my attention.

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Having read a bit on it, and seen some art, it looks more juvenile than I’m interested in, and seems to be virtually a carbon copy, with dragons thrown on top for sauce.

Not interested. You of course are free to play whatever games you like! :slight_smile:


Personally I loved Lode Runner on the Vic-20


Wizardy - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord


I don´t like the artwork. Maybe it`s more suited for kids

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Thought we weren’t allowed to advertise other games?


I am surprised as well that this hasn’t been changed yet.
@zephyr1 is there a reason why the name has not been edited?

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I find because of the gaps where you’re waiting for energy to replenish, wars to start or a titan to spawn, E&P is an ideal game to fit around other games (er, and RL too, obviously). It’s my “main” game but there’s no reason why it should be the only one - I’d soon get bored if it were. In my lunch break, for example, I’ll log onto E&P first to progress some stuff, check/progress a similar game which I won’t name (because even if allowed, it’s surely bad form to praise other products here), eat, play a few rounds of a bubble shooter or Tetris-alike, finish up by checking E&P again, then it’s time to get back to work. Perfect.



20 characters and all that…


It’s my only one and I’ve never been bored :man_shrugging:


Maybe you have a more interesting life! Or better powers of concentration.

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Pong is still the best game ever!! Coupled with the quality of the Rank Arena TV it came with.

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I always overshot the paddles if I had to move any great distance. I’d get too excited.


I have not historically interpreted comparative discussions of different games to be advertising, so long as they don’t contain competitors’ materials, and are not intentioned as marketing.

Here’s the rule:

I don’t interpret this rule as having to pretend that no other games exist in the world, nor that we need to treat other game names like some E&P version of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, where no other game can ever be referred to directly.

A thread that posted a direct advertisement or promotion, or that attempted to market to players or poach them would be over the line and considered spam.

For that, you need to go to Mystic Vision. :face_with_monocle:


Chibi-marble hero graphics.

Meh, Denied

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Eh dragon strike blows chunks anyways lol

Played the beta version for 5 minutes, felt like i was playin a dragon tales tetris game

Sure could be good for some…if they’re still in pull ups

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