Dragon Rooster Offer Timing Clanger

I would like to thank SG for dropping another clanger - The timing of the Fury of Dragon Rooster offer.

I’m sure their are many players (me included) who don’t get paid until Friday, by which time the offer will be long gone. If they had delayed the timing by 2/3 days (starting it on Wednesday or Thursday) I and others would have been able to take advantage of this offer (especially as it includes a Tonic which I need at the moment). But by doing it now they have lost my hard earned money which I can now spend elsewhere.
So thank you SG.

If your in the same position, would really like to read your comments on the timing of this offer.


I don’t want to get into personal business, but if you can’t buy it until the paycheck comes in then I’d maybe see this as a blessing! Don’t waste your hard-earned money!


You really should thank SG for the timing.

If you are so short by the end of the month, you should start to think twice about the spendings to this game, also at the beginning of the month or after you received you paycheck.


I mean, this really just affects you personally and guess what??? Another offer will be along shortly.

I was paid last week as where many others. Then of course lots are paid weekly.

Then there’s people who use spare cash they’ve set aside and sadly those that pile it all into credit cards.

So by spacing the offers throughout the month they catch everyone don’t worry. You’ll get your opportunity to drop £99 soon enough

The flipside as well (and perfect example of cant please all the people all the time) is that of offers were specifically timed for payday etc people would complain it was poor tactics and exploitation.

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Idk if you have a budget then timing doesn’t matter as much as staying within the budget. I for one want this for the tome (tonics and scopes and everything else are more easily obtained than dblades or tomes) and the chance to pull for thor during valhalla

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Is it even a good offer?

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I think if you didn’t have the money when it came , then maybe you missed for a good reason . Timing and saving is everything.

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