Dragon Mosh Pit is looking for one active player. 2200 cups. 11* titans; all 6 flags used if opted in for war!

Join us to learn, grow and have fun! Our alliance has been around for over 3 years, and is led by a few veterans. We are currently on 11-12 star titans. War is optional but, if you opt in, 6 attacks are required.

We also have a Discord group. Lots of tips and tricks there. Find Amarthdaug#2614

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We use green tanks.

We don’t require discord, but it’s there for those that want to get more involved, for those that need a reminder for different events, for those that want the tips&tricks (it’s too much text for in-game chat) and even for those that want to socialize more.

Our main requirements are:
Let us know if you’re going to miss more than 3 consecutive titans - we won’t kick if it’s a reasonable amount of time;
Don’t abuse the previous by attacking only 1 in every 3 titans - while not hardcore, we are an active bunch;
Use all attacks in war if you opted in!
We’re free of drama, and we’re here to enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Join us now - while there’s still room!

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Hey all,

We have two spots open!
To add a little more to what Amarthdaug said;
We are a very stable and established alliance. Dragon Mosh Pit is more than 3 years old. Of the 28 members we have at the moment, the newest member has been with us for 77 days as of now. It is a place where people come and stay, not a place where people come and go like a roadside Inn.

We take out 11* Titans and an occasional 12* easily without using expensive battle items. You can keep them for events:)

War is optional. But if opted in, all flags must be used.
We use green tanks.
Wars are FFA (free for all). Attack anyone at anytime you want.

We don’t care about how much you scored, what we care about is your participation and activity.

Nobody will issue commands or boss you around here.

We have an international bunch of adult members and and a great team spirit.

We all enjoy this game and the community it brings.

Come and join us before it is too late!

I love your alliance name! Good luck recruiting y’all!


Thank you Rook, I’m sure we’ll find someone suitable! :slight_smile:

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Two spots left! Come and join!

Last call! One spot left now…

We will have a fresh war chest after the next war! (Hopefully:))

One spot left!
All flags used if opted in
FFA wars
Green tanks
11* titans

Come on!

Come join us now while there’s still room!

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