Dragon Mosh Pit is... just keeping this post alive :)

Join us to learn, grow and have fun! Our alliance has been around for 3 years, and is led by a few veterans. We are currently on 10-11 star titans. War is optional but, if you opt in, 6 attacks are required.

We also have a Discord group. Lots of tips and tricks there. Find Amarthdaug#2614

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We use green tanks.

We don’t require discord, but it’s there for those that want to get more involved, for those that need a reminder for different events, for those that want the tips&tricks (it’s too much text for in-game chat) and even for those that want to socialize more.

Our main requirements are:
Let us know if you’re going to miss more than 3 consecutive titans - we won’t kick if it’s a reasonable amount of time;
Don’t abuse the previous by attacking only 1 in every 3 titans - while not hardcore, we are an active bunch;
Use all attacks in war if you opted in!
We’re free of drama, and we’re here to enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Join us now - just one spot left!


Good luck, hope we meet in war someday, but you wont get our Mandy, you cant afford the transfer fee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can transfer anyone from us if you just buy Van some beer, including himself :laughing:

Have a great time gaming Amarthdaug and Happy New Year! Maybe one day we will see you guys in war :grinning:


Hello Mandy and Van, and a happy new year! Don’t worry Van, I’m too cheap to buy that beer, so she’ll stay with you, for now :wink:


Just one spot left. Join the fun while you still can!

Thanks for the invitation I’m in an alliance now if I leave I’ll definitely come

Lookin for a new alliance. One I’m in now just not as active as I want to be. Have run into the forest gnomes a few times on here and in the game.


You’re welcome, come in :fox_face:
Sorry @Amarthdaug for hijacking your thread :sweat_smile:

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Don’t worry, we were already full :slight_smile:
And I’m sorry for the late answer!

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Hello all!

Thanks to @vanZille, @MandyK, @MissCat and @Stark23 for dropping by and brightening our thread!

To those who are looking for an alliance, we have one spot open now. If you are looking for a drama-free and active alliance, feel free to knock on our door.

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Hello everyone!

Amarth warned you to join while you still can:)
Sorry to say that we are full now but we might have an opening in three days. Will let you know!

And here it is, this Mosh Pit has one free spot!

Disclaimer: light swearing will be present on chat - if you’re a man of the Lord that can’t stand a “god damn” we advise you to look for another alliance.

PS: but feel free to join our “dark humor” section on discord :grimacing:

The Mosh Pit is waiting for you. Join the fun while you still can!

Hello there!
We are looking for one active player to join us. Our alliance has been around for 3 years and is lead by a few veterans. We’re an international bunch of adult players enjoying this game and the company it brings. No drama, conflicts or arguments here, nor people pressuring you constantly! We are currently on 10-11 star Titans. War is optional - but 6 attacks are required of you opt in. We use green tanks.

Our rules are: hit the Titan daily, and use all attacks if you’re in war!

Just keeping this post alive :slight_smile:

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