Dragon Mosh Pit has room for active players. 2400 cups. 11* titans; all 6 flags used if opted in for war!

Join us to learn, grow and have fun! Our alliance has been around for over 3 years, and is led by a few veterans. We are currently on 11-12 star titans. War is optional but, if you opt in, 6 attacks are required.

We use dark tanks.

We don’t require discord, but it’s there for those that want to get more involved, for those that need a reminder for different events, for those that want the tips&tricks (it’s too much text for in-game chat) and even for those that want to socialize more.

Our main requirements are:
Let us know if you’re going to miss more than 3 consecutive titans - we won’t kick if it’s a reasonable amount of time;
Don’t abuse the previous by attacking only 1 in every 3 titans - while not hardcore, we are an active bunch;
Use all attacks in war if you opted in!
We’re free of drama, and we’re here to enjoy the game :slight_smile:

We also have a Discord group. Find Amarthdaug#2614

Join us now - while there’s still room!

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Hey all,

Just to pump the thread up and give a little bit more info about us.

Our wars are FFA. You can attack anyone at anytime you want.

We do not care what you score in wars or against the titan. All we care about is participation. Not surprisingly, in this relaxed setting we do win a lot of wars, more than 65% in 2021.

Nobody commands you to do anything or bosses around. And absolutely no drama, thank god.

11* Titans is a walk in the park for us. We kill them without using too many battle items. So, you can keep them for events. 11s becoming too easy, we are considering moving on to 12s in near future.

We are an international alliance of adult players. All are genuine people who actively enjoy the game and the company.

Our alliance is very stable. More than 22 of our members have been with us over a year. We rarely have openings. You will feel at home right away.

Though I gotta warn you that our taste in humour is quite dirty and we are not ashamed of this…

Just pop in and have a look. Chat with us in game or on discord to see if we are a good fit for you!

We do have one spot left! You will feel at home right away!

Joining to a new alliance is a stressful thing. Come join us and chat with us in game or on discord, see if we are the right place for you… Come on!

One spot! If you are looking for a long term home, you are in the right place!

Looking for a place after war? Jump into the mosh pit! ONE LAST SPOT!

We now have two free spots. Come, join the fun!

That’s us!
11* Titans (capped)
Purple Tanks!
Come on in!

Join the fun while you still can!

We got two spots open!

Two spots open. Chill but competitive. Come check us out. See if it’s the right balance for you. Mostly we’re about business but nice people. No drama.

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