Dragon Mosh Pit has one free spot. 1800 trophies; 9-10* titans; war optional (6 flags used, if opted in)

Join us to learn, grow and have fun! Our alliance has been around for 2 years, and is led by a few veterans. We are currently on 9-10 star titans. War is optional but, if you opt in, 6 attacks are required.

We also have a Discord group. Lots of tips and tricks there. Find Amarthdaug#2614

We prefer green tanks, but we don’t impose it. A few players that don’t have a good green are going with their best team. And we don’t have a special tactic in AW.

We don’t require discord, but it’s there for those that want to get more involved, for those that need a reminder for different events, for those that want the tips&tricks (it’s too much text for in-game chat) and even for those that want to socialize more.

Our main requirements are:
Let us know if you’re going to miss more than 3 consecutive titans - we won’t kick if it’s a reasonable amount of time;
Don’t abuse the previous by attacking only 1 in every 3 titans - while not hardcore, we are an active bunch;
Use all attacks in war if you opted in!

Just one spot left. Join the Mosh Pit while there’s still room :slight_smile:

That last spot is waiting for you; come check it out! :slight_smile:

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That last spot is waiting for you. Join the fun while you still can :slight_smile:

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