Dragon Mark Assassins Alliance is looking for new players

Hi Community,

our Alliance is looking to fill 5 empty slots. We are daily playing but have reasonable ground rules for offline activity:

  • when online you are expected to hit the titan
  • offline time happens, life outside the game exists and we are reasonable and mature about it but please remember that if you can’t participate on a regular basis maybe a casual alliance would be a better fit for you.
  • we don’t random kick people, but discuss the problem before any decision is made.

We encourage participation in chat and building sense of community in our alliance but if you are a silent type that is fine as well. All levels of English are welcome.

We currently have a 88k score and kill 6* titans on a regular basis. We are occasionally successful in getting 7* titans as well but we lack players to do it regularly. This is where you come in :slight_smile:

We have a trophies minimum set to 1000 but if you are a newbie that wants to learn and play regularly you are welcome too.

The Alliance is set to open so no need to inquire just find us in game and join! If you have any questions please feel free to ask otherwise we will see you on the battlefields!


I would be interested to join your Dragon Mark Assassins Alliance.

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You are welcome. Find us in game in the alliance browser and join. We are set to open.


I am very happy to join this alliance.

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