Dragon knights 3 looking for members usa based alliance

We are a new alliance group looking to get back to the top. I am the leader and our top 5 players have been in the top 10 world wide in raids, top 100 in alliances and are well seasoned players.

We are looking for ACTIVE members open to communication (not a dictator) cam hit the titan at least 4 times, and use ALL war flags (or opt out)

Minimum TP is 3200+
Minimum trophies 1200+
Currently fighting 5/6 star titans (we are new)
Line is Optional but recommended for war strategies and teamwork.

My toughest titan was a 12 star harpy special with over 6 hours to spare.
We want to get back to that with YOU joining us.

Ask us questions, grow with us and have a blast!

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