Dragon flying over my base

Love this game. Saw a dragon flying over my castle for the first time ever and I tried tapping on it to see if anything would happen but nothing did and I thought I’d be fun if maybe that was something that would happen in the game where if you saw a dragon flying in the air and you tap on it something would happen like maybe it would issue you a challenge where you could win a great prize. maybe where the water is you could have a mermaid swimming around that also might issue you a challenge. You may not know if it’s a good dragon or mermaid or a bad dragon or mermaid. I just thought I’d make things a little more interesting or maybe you could have a little troll running around the base or a leprechaun. I just thought I’d throw it out there thank you


If you keep on hitting it, you can shoot it down eventually, but there isn’t any reward for doing so.

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I saw that dragon monthssss ago and haven’t seen it since. Hahahaha

You can shoot down the dragon or the flick of ducks that periodically fly over your stronghold.

If you want an effect, click your monthly VIP dragon and he’ll cough fire at you. :grin:

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