Dragon Cohort TMA Looking For Members

Brand New Alliance looking for a few dedicated players

Dragon Cohort TMA was just formed last week

  • 2/30 players (level 93 & 84)
  • Cup requirement 2400 to join
  • Level 60+

We were formerly in a top 100 alliance, but that was a little too intense. Seriously, there were spreadsheets analyzing everyone’s performance daily! We tried a more relaxed alliance, but that was constantly disappointing (missed war flags, missed titan hits, etc). Now we are trying to create the middle ground.

We are looking for players who will:

  • Play their war flags if opted in to the war. We are kind of intense about that part because nothing says “I don’t care” like letting the team down in a war
  • Hit titans regularly
  • And have a some fun doing it. We are fairly talkative, so we encourage banter, even if it isn’t about the game.

If you are interested in helping us build the team, you can comment here, reach out to me at Line ID Mimi6869, or just request to join and tell us in the request that you saw us on the E&P Forum


If you dont mind i may give you a try after current alliance war. Great group but a little big/competitive for me. Looking for something a bit more relaxed but absolutely not disappointing (been there)
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Hi. It’d be great to have you join us. Participation is more important than winning as far as we’re concerned.

We would be happy to have you join us!

Still looking for new members

Good luck, starting alliances can be a challenge, so much time into building and recruiting.

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Thanks, and yeah it takes time but I’m enjoying starting out small

Hi, would it be ok if I stopped by next week at some stage to see if things are a fit?

I took a step back recently as I’ve not been feeling the grind (I’m not mapping, playing quests etc) really just raids, tournaments and war ( except arrows) I can get on to hit titans, however at times, with my lack of grind, I can be mat poor for crafting.

If you’re looking for placings in MT & CoK, probably best if I don’t as my mats situation will bring you all down. I typically hold from 2450 - 2600 trophies depending how high I’ve raised the day before.

Hi, by all means. We are not bothered by rankings and such. Our main focuses are:
Participation in Alliance Wars
Hitting titans daily
No obligations other than that.

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Thanks I’ll drop by sometime during next week

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Well so far so good. Its been fun managing titan hits and trying new war formations. Easy going and very pleasant group

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You could always join us at apocalypse knights.

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Well you almost tempted me with splendid bigtits lol
Thanks for the offer, but we’re good. All the best

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Wow this is great! We’re up to 7* titans already :slight_smile: and oh so chatty… fun group

So stop by and give them a try…see if there’s a fit …

Hi! Still accepting members…great group of people!

Hey, are you still recruiting? I’m at 2537 cups, and a defense team power of 4974. I play my titan and war flags every day.

Absolutely. We are still open…just knock and ill let you in…

Really participation is the most important part.

We are up to 15 members now, growing fast …10*titans… and we’ve won our last couple of wars in a row…this group has really great vibes.

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