Dragon Cohort TMA a New Team Looking For Members

Just adding my voice to this being a great alliance.

I was in my previous alliance for 2 years and really liked the people, but eventually only half the team were hitting the titan and war flags were getting missed every war. I tried to stick it out, but eventually had to move on.

Dragon Cohort manages to keep the friendly, chilled vibe, but there hasn’t been a missed war flag and everyone hits the titan unless they say in advance that they will be away.

Come join us!


Everyone welcome and all treated fairly and equally and your opinions are listened to.

So, come on over and pay a visit, you’ll be glad that you did

Dragon Cohort TMA

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Wow! Most fun I’ve ever had in a war to date! It was edge of your seat, nail biting fun! We won by the seat of our pretty little pants folks… the tiniest of margins. What teamwork…just fantabulous … so just so it’s out there … IF you opt in for war…use ALL your flags…sometimes one point makes the difference. :slight_smile:

Still going well and having fun! We did actually lose a war recently but it was sooo close. I mean wow was it close…but there’s always next time… lol!

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Don’t forget to come an try us out in Dragon Cohort. We are committed but fun. There is also a LOT of chat, so if you want a place where strong players use all their war hits and everyone hits the titan (and if you like chatting that is a bonus), then come check us out!

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Hiding the evidence of your chattiness by deleting the post. very clever.

Dragon Cohort TMA, the home of clever E+P players!

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Well we lost a few and have spots available again…check us out …really not that hard to hang with us…hit the titan/no zeros and if opted in use your flags… easy peasy lemon squeezy

We don’t have a cap on titans as this creates an expectation of a certain level of performance. Members attack at will until the 12hr mark. If the titan has more than half health remaining, we let it go. Otherwise, we kill it. Nobody is ever expected to use items or to flask.

All we ask is that EVERYONE hits each titan at least once, and that the titan isn’t killed until everyone has done so.

Real life happens, and time zones are a thing. Our titan policy strikes the best balance of maintaining our casual ethos whilst ensuring participation and loot for everyone.


Just bumping the recruitment thread :blush:

Back to the war in progress :crazy_face:

Hey I have myself and my brother wanting to join a more competitive alliance our raid scores are 2230/2541. Defense teams are 4124/4314. We attack the titan and always do our war. How can we get an invite in? My username on there is Jake Is Weak and his is JSostheim

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Hi @jakesos
Just knock and we’ll let you in…your both more than welcome…we are casual active no one gets left out and no flag unused

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We do have room but we also have line available if you would like to chat a bit first before taking the plunge into a new alliance.

Come on over and join a friendly, chatty, great group of people who play for the team.

All flags used in war and everyone gets a hit on the titan.

Casual, but competitive in wars, we’ve had some nail biting finishes but it’s all great fun and the whole alliance gets stuck in and cheers each other on.

So, come take a look, you won’t regret it

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A few of us are in a slowly dying alliance and are looking for a casual but active group to join. There are at least 4, maybe more ready to make a move. You sound like the kind of alliance we’re looking for.

If it’s ok, I’m going to swing by after this weekend’s war.

Sure …that would be great…then we can see if we might be a good fit for you and your group any questions i can answer…I’m on here regularly or you can find us on line LINE Add Friend
just knock and we’ll let you in… look forward to meeting with you soon & good luck in war

Oh I suppose I should keep our thread alive. We have a spot or 2 open if your looking.

We are active/casual
Requirements consist of participation/fun
We do coordinate tanks/flanks however no micromanagement or spreadsheets…we win & lose as a team
Titans are called at midway and everyone gets a hit before they are taken down. You are NOT expected to use a bunch of items (Atm 13*) with the exception of rares…we destroy those…lol

We do have 1 chatty Australian but don’t hold that against us! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hope to see you soon!

We were holding on for a friend and his wife but with monster island approaching and titans at 14* I am throwing this out there just in case anyone needs a home we have room for 2 atm.
images (2)

OMG! We were unorganized and all over the place in the beginning of Monster island…but ixi pulled us all together at the end. Wtg ixi our new MI event coordinator!
What a fun time for all!! Whoo hoo!!!

To be continued…

Vortex is wise. You won’t find a better bunch of people to play alongside. If you’re wanting to move up yet stay fairly casual and chill, this is the place to be.

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Well hello my splendid friend…come to give a shout out to those few wandering souls in search of a perch … we aren’t fancy but man are we fun :wink: