Dragon bones


Where is the best place to get dragon bones? I cant find any . Thanks in advance


12-9 is really good for dragon bones and lots of other crafting materials. Just a great level for farming in general.


Thanks alot @SWEG off to farm now lol


you will find what you are looking for with this link


Thanks @malamut will put it to good use!


That guide is a little out of date. There seem to have been some shifting around of loot since those data were assembled.



Those season 2 provinces are not open yet, and the fact no others are mentioned makes me think that the odds are pretty much the same everywhere else. That said, I seem to get a lot more on the S2 map, and I’m working the first province there often for backpacks and seem to get dragon bones one time out of every three or four tries.


I dropped 2 Dragon Bones from the start of this week, how are your farming going?


Ive been farming with loot tickets on province 23 stage11 and im getting a good amount there. Thanks @FraVit93