Dragon bones S2P9

I’m not seeing any dragon bones in province 9 even though they’re supposed to have an increased chance of dropping. Just used 3 loot tickets on stage 2 which is a special stage. No bones


No bug. You probably just got unlucky. 3 tries is a really small sample number to call it a bug.
Remember, dragon bones are 4* items, so they are relatively rare to come by. They are not guaranteed, even though it says “increased chance”.

increased chance… now where have I heard that before?..:thinking:

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Those were the hard version too. Got 2 meteor fragments from those tickets.

play normal. like anything else in this game, it’s better to have more chances than better chances

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I have to say that the provinces with the ‘increased chance’ that were formerly stated in Season 1 also often didn’t give the crafting items. It is all random…

we have “better chances” at season 2 heros in summons yet i did a 30x pull and over half were season 1 turds lol

Anyone else having luck in getting dragon bones in province 9 of season 2?

Not really, Spent 16 loot tickets on hard mode and got 2 when i was done. So far it seems like quantity is the way to go. Have gotten a lot more farming 8.7. But that is still a pretty small sample size. A bigger one might give a better result :slight_smile:

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