Dragon Bone drop rates

Have these dried up for anyone else. I have been trying to get some for days now. Pretty impossible to make time stops and it’s not like you can buy them in the store.

i’ve actually managed to collect them in almost every time when i’m farming the levels. usually i play province 12 and 7. 12 is good for dragon bones, chainmail shirts and scabbards.

Thanks. Just did another two refills in 12. 76 energy not 1 dragon bone. Pretty hard fighting 11* with no time stops. Getting turned off really rapidly. Love playing this game but the loot drops etc are starting to wear thin. I did 500K damage on a 10* yesterday and got leaves

Yeah, I get them in spurts and then hit a dry spell. I rotate between 6-8 (quite good at times), various level 7 stages, 12-9 and 20-1 (this has been the most successful of late).

12/9 and 15/9:

Thanks for the replies. I have used 6 refills today. Tried all the suggested regions. Not one bone. Got one nugget. It’s a joke. Can’t make time stops. Have 1000s of items will never use. Dunno what the developers are thinking making it impossible to play the game.


I get dragon bones at a faster pace than I do the 2x hardwood lumber needed for Dragon attacks.

I pretty much stick to 3 flag zones.

I second you on that. 6-8 is mainstay with some 8-7. Always a bone, sometimes lumber.

The point I see in this thread is same as others in that OP is having bad luck not directly caused by the game. YMMV pops up often because it is true.

I’ve noticed a huge drop in it as well. Used 23 refillls and haven’t gotten 1 at all, seems a little odd. It also says increased chance season 2 on providences that aren’t even available yet. Update: officially 31 refills all over season 1 and NO dragon bone. Not 1

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No change here. Talked to lots of other players and same problem. I get meteor fragments all the time but don’t use them. Wish I could swap them for bones and nuggets

Today I got 2 dragon bone awesome :clap:

Been farming on 3-6 season 2, everything has dropped there

I find that their RNG is very streaky. I really think it is flawed. I keep getting dragon bones for a while now, but know I will go into a cycle where I get none. I farm mostly S2 P1 Normal or Hard and S1 P8 Stage 7. I have nearly 100 now, and started with about 40 two weeks ago.

I know this is an old thread but for anyone else reading it I found them in season 2 province 6

I get dragon bones on a regular basis. Usually in place of the unfarmable ascension mats I was hoping for. :confused:

2021 and i still can’t make time stops, sometimes this game is just ridiculous!!