DRAFT - WAR without using 5* heroes

Lol whatever makes you happy chief

Yes…yes you are. If you’re so gung-ho stuck on revenue, it all boils down to engagement. Adding 3/4* wars would cause engagement to go up, especially from people who have plenty of those heroes as compared to their 5* counter parts. It would make the war aspect of this game more enjoyable for some older and many newer players that often resort to using 3/4* heroes in current war set up.
And in long term, more engagement leads to more revenue. But yea, you go ahead and stew in your own silliness. Cheers stewy.

Yes. Engagement. The only one here embarrassing themselves is you for thinking that all the devs have to do is flood the player base with offers and new heroes and expect them to keep purchasing so they can hit their target revenue goals. Without engagement, you won’t effectively keep people spending. But I wouldn’t expect someone like you that just says “revenue targets” as if that’s an actual answer without providing logical info on how they’re actually achieving those.

But feel free to stew in your nonsense and parrot your “revenue target” line without actually understanding what it entails to get to that point (which by the way has been dropping for SG quarter by quarter). Cheerio!

If you read that part though: doesn´t that sound exactly what SG is ACTUALLY doing?

Not saying you are completely wrong. Engagement is necessary to a degree, but it certainly is not the focus of business. It´s a little extra they take care of on the side, as long as it doesn´t cost too much.
90% of their resources go into developing stuff they can sell, like new heroes, new events or anything else that encourages spending.

Now I originally answered to the question if 4 star wars would be fun with yes. If the question had been if I believe they will come, the answer would have been no.

The aforementioned 3 and 4 star tournaments as an argument are an interesting point, but I believe they are a relic from a past in which SG was indeed much more focused on Engagement and less in profits. Early in the lifespan of a game engagement is far more important than profits, because they have to grow their player base, they need people to be happy and recruit friends. The phase where a game makes money is much later, once you have already done all your investing into aquiring more players, that is the phase when you start making profits and that is where we are today. So I am rather certain that in todays game they would never add 3 and 4 star tournies. If tournies would be invented today, they would be 5 star only.

Another point is: The players that really matter in this game to SG are the whales, most content is geared towards them, because they are the ones that spend the money. And whales have rather less interest in 3 and 4 star content, they want to use their shiny new and big heroes. Of ourse not all whales are equal and they would certainly also play other content, but for SG to develop something it has to make money first.

That is what they’re doing. But they’re also coming out with new events/revamping others to try and get people to engage more. If they weren’t expecting more engagement, which leads to more spending, what’s the point? Why not just create new portals and call it a day?

Do you know how much it actually costs to implement changes/new behaviors in software development? How much do you think the monster island (which was only out for a beta run) cost them? Why do you think they made that investment? It sure wasn’t as a complimentary addition to the portal. If you think the whales just wanna have their shiny new 5* heroes and use them in raids/wars, I believe you’re mistaken. I think they want that, as well as every other hero regardless of level so they could do what they do on the leaderboards. Which is engagement. So, having new things to do and compete with those heroes they spent a bunch of money on goes hand in hand.

Then everything related to 3/4* hero use would fall under the same classification, yet they keep coming out with places where you would use those heroes. The only reason why I don’t think they’ll bring in 3/4* wars is because of what they have in their pipeline. It doesn’t include 3/4* wars. But they’ll be bringing in plenty of places where 3/4* heroes are to be used.

Double the amount of 5* in portals.
And then make content where you can’t use them.

Sounds like a recipe for engagement :joy:

How is the ‘No 5*’ recipe tasting thus far?

num nums

No… nope… Nein…nah… what a waste of time this would be (For me). I would not waste time even entering such a war. I like my shiny 5* heroes and I want to use them. Plus, as has been said, we have week long tournaments which exclude 5* heroes already. Not to mention we have war twice a week… and war of the three kingdoms…and tower events…and seasonal events… there is already loads to do without adding this.

But that’s just one gamer’s (and their entiere alliance’s) opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

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RT participation see ms to be climbing back up to around 850k. So far


I think we must have been looking at different monster islands… the one I´ve seen was a 5 star event, with a summon portal semi attached to it, where the specific event heroes get a bonus as usual. BTW I believe it is the most expensive portal ever? Where the most desired heroes don´t even stay available after first appearance, to make it even more obligatory to pull more and to dilute the rest of the pool even more.
As every 5 star event it doesn´t prohibit use of smaller heroes. But it´s certainly not a 4 star event. unless I misunderstand what you are saying.
Also I fully agree, that has probably been their main investment for a while. I guess right now it´s that Dragon thing, but I am betting you anything you want, it´s not going to be 3 or 4 star content either. And It´ll have another portal with a bunch of OP 5star heroes attached.

Really? The only ones I can think of are tourneys and challenge events. Both have been there for longer than I have. I can´t think of any other 3 or 4 star specific content.
Or do you mean they will in the future? That´s a pretty wild guess with absolutely no precendence, but I would be happy if you were right.
They do add new heroes yes, but no new places to use them. And for every small hero they add three 5star heroes. Well to be fair a few of the 3/4star heroes are good enough to use in wars or higher level content, but it´s not specific 3 or 4 star content? Maybe it´s just too late in the night for me to think of anything…
Challenge events seem to create business at least, so I wouldn´t go as far to say they wouldn´t invent 3 star challenge events anymore these days.

I’m testing an all 4 star tower defense currently. It is sitting in very high platinum. 2300-2400 range.

My point was that it’s creating engagement, which leads to spending. It’s not as simple as throwing up a portal and saying “Go get ‘em boys and girls!” It requires significant investment.

If they’re “relics” as you call them, why invest in every new challenge event, AQ, tower, or any other place 3/4* can successfully be used? Why make things easier for people whose rosters aren’t as deep?

My point was that creating engagement across more levels will lead to more spending by users of all levels. And I don’t see how potentially adding 3/4* wars wouldn’t create more engagement, thus creating more spending and higher revenue in long term. It wasn’t about whether the devs will or will not do something.

Anyways, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Cheers!

Why not new War effects instead of this stupd idea? If 5* heroes couldnt be used twice for a week, what makes people to do pulls?

If that is true…why do we have 3* and 4* tournaments?

Raids, tournaments, events?

Twice a week every month or two seems just fine to me. I could even argue what’s the point in releasing new 3* and 4* if I have no place to use them :man_shrugging:

Not really. It mainly was a big roster and big item inventory event. Outside of Apex monsters the 5* were not really needed, what you needed were specfic kind of heroes - namely overhealers - and a lot of battle items. My best team for killing hordes (on hard) was composed of only 3* heroes.

I would love to see 2-3 slots each war for 3* teams, and 4* teams. Whatever players are auto-selected for that, have to put up a 3* and/or 4* defense and can only attack the other alliance’s 3* and 4* teams.

I never disagreed with that. All I am saying they focus on bringing out 5 star content. 3 and 4 star isn´t as interesting to them because it doesn´t generate as much money.

It is much more problematic to take away something than to not invent new things, while it is very cheap to keep it there (they don´t need to invest much to keep 3/4 star events, so the events stay. AQ is not any different from challenge events. Same code. Just a little added on calculation for how you open the next stage. No investment needed
Towers? there are no 3/4 star towers, the only new tower in a long time is styx. A 5star event like all towers.

The only thing I can see we disagree on is how important low level (meaning 3/4 star world) engagement is to SG. I think SG differentiates and highly prefers engagement in 5 star world as that is the world that generates money. 3/4 star world is 1. a relic from the past and 2. window dressing. Makes is look nicer. If they can get it on the cheap SG would be stupid to say no, but it´s not something they´ll invest major resources in.

Honestly I think SG does NOT want people happy in 4 star world, they rather have people unhappy there, so they start pulling 5ers. The most hilarious hint for that that (and other similar arguments) i always have to laugh at is, when you fail a fight in an event etc. First thing the game tells you to do is to send 75 gems to continue, if you decline the next step after that is: “Go summon better heroes!” Not like: Review your strategy or sorry for the bad luck, try again, nope straight to the point " go spend money and buy your happiness/success!" If engagement were their focus this would be a prime spot to create it. 17 ways on how to help a player succeed, but the ones they choose… well. I should mention they also suggest to upgrade your heroes, if I am not mistaken.

How about a different take with the same goal? A mode of war where 4* get a +50% att/def bonus and 3* get +100%?

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No chance. However, the modifiation of this mode could be taken into consideration:
4* get -25% att/def/hp
3* get -50% att/def/hp

A bit off-topic, but an interesting thing.
Devs just deployed a 3* functionality in S5 - the new amulet. Now with this thing, it is better to use a 3* team than a 5* team to go through the S5 steps - the 3* heroes with this amulet have atk/def in the 1,3K-1,5K area and HP comparable to 5*.