🕵 Dr. Moreau – S4 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I got him too. And he has no competition, (I have no drake. And Thor…we don’t talk about him). Now it’s either him or my 3:70 onyx which thank goodness I was smart enough not to bard onyx first. So now, who gets the bards?

And Moreau’s blind is still cleansable. Any hero that can cleanse is still going to remove it. And there are quite a number of heroes now that can cleanse without being the healer. That’s why I want a hero that can prevent cleanse from working

Samsung, Apple et al want this too. A sudden epidemic of phones meeting walls at force is just what the sales team needed.

Besides, some heroes can already remove that which cannot be cleansed. Another reason to hurry up with Chameleon - and to finish off Grimble, who a helpful poster reminded us the other day is immune to blind effects.

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It could be cleanseable but don’t stick to it. He is fast and he keeps firing. He is at 3/68 now, I couple him with Thor and Onyx. The result is wow! The enemy can not open their eyes :lollipop:

I plan to remove Telluria’s emblems to couple the doctor with Mica sometime as well and increase the doctor’s emblems. I have not tried this yet but the outcome is predictable! :smile_cat:

Uncleansable blind would be a bit too OP to be honest.

Moreau or Onyx for 4th ascension… that’s a good problem to have. Do you have other 5* dispellers? If no I’d probably still do Onyx first since 5* dispellers are relatively rare except Domitia, who is really starting to show her age without a costume.

Btw my purple 4tack is cRigs-Panther-Onyx-Moreau. Three purple matches and I’m pretty much guaranteed to wipe out one side of the defense unless BK/Krampus tank fired first. This team just shreds ■■■ and rips through pretty much everything.

The only reliable dispeller I have is chameleon and even then he’s reserved for problematic tanks or when I just want to have some chaotic fun, i don’t really play dispel tbh.
I like Moreau, but I feel that I should bard onyx only because he came first

I would go for Onyx. Garnet, Onyx and Cobalt trio is not compareable to others from my point of view if we come to attacking capability. However, I believe that the doctor will be more effective in defence and we will encounter him in top defenses in the near future replacing Drake for sure.

So I have 12 purple dresses with Freya, C-Quintus, C-Domitia and Khiona(would be a second) all sitting at 3-70. I just pulled the Dr. So I’. assuming hold 6 for the Dr and then who else?

Got Seshatx2, Khiona, Panther, Sartana, Alfrike for attack, the 3 Rigard, 2 Sabrina all leveled and emblemed to various levels

I actually want to try Moreau/Thor/Bai yeong/Margaret for a blind and dodge themed defence team now. That would ■■■■ a lot of people off

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It sounds annoying. You are right. :slight_smile:

Drake-Moreau-Drake, or Moreau-Drake-Moreau for triple the blinding fun :rofl:

If you have cKadilen, she is 10000x more annoying than Margaret since her dodge can be dispelled passively, but cKadilen resists even that.

So what could suits him best ? Defense or attack path ? Given his passive ability, he seems to be a good tank.

Any path with the defense node

I have both maxed and I’d go with Onyx too for offence. The ninja charge mechanic is really good as it gives flexibility and Onyx’s 2nd and 3rd charge are devastating.
Both are great heroes, congrats.


I’d say Freya. A quick minion summoner and great stats can’t go wrong!

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I agree, Freya. She does quite well in whatever position I put her in.

Could have put “This effect can’t be cleansed.”

Yeah, that would have been better. A TON of healers cleanse so the “reset on heal” skill is pretty worthless.

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Still a use case for it - here are some 4* and 5*s

  • Lady Wool
  • BT/C BT
  • Kiril/C Kiril
  • Melendor/C Melendor
  • Sabina/C Sabina
  • C Vivica
  • Gillibilli, Heimdal, Baldur (self)
  • Grazul
  • Anzogh
  • Elkanen/C Elkanen (self)
  • Tyr (self)
  • Musahi (self)
  • Kashrek/C Kashek
  • Brynhild
  • Ares
  • Gadeirus
  • C Gormek, Gobbler

True…but less effective on defense since the attacker can choose a cleansing healer. You can add MN to the list. Does C Gormek and Gobbler heal? I think that was a cut/paste error, no?

Don’t they heal when they kill minions?

So I think some people won’t have cleansing healers always available on hand, especially when forming 6 war teams. The other scenario is when people simply forget - I still forget on occasion that JF does that annoying defense flippy floppy thing