🕵 Dr. Moreau – S4 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Thanks and at 19 node what is ur preference , mana or critical ?

If the blind can’t be cleansed, he’ll be insanely OP. He’s pretty much an updated drake. If you have a healer that doesn’t cleanse that that blind reset is considered as a bonus at this point

Always mana…crit boost doesn’t help much.

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I don’t really see a benefit of mana increase for fast heroes, but maybe that is because my max mana troop is only at level 17. On the flip side there are times when getting a critical hit will be the difference between a win and a loss. Essentially I see a 2% crit increase as equivalent to a 2% attack increase only it is not stretched out over time but can occassionally come all at once. So for me it comes down to what other node is on that path, but generally if I am looking at a fast hero I will lean towards critical

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This is true…but if you are using that hero on defense any mana boost can help.

Do you intend on running him as tank? If yes then full def/HP to +20 - 907 def and 1552 HP is just INSANE for a fast hit-3 blinder. Basically either you heavily stack yellow or he’s guaranteed to fire at least once. And unfortunately for yellow, the only cleansing healer is Vivica, who at slow speed is just never gonna charge in time short of an amazing start board which you would’ve won without her anyway.

If you don’t plan on tanking him, then go full attack route. 270% to 3 is still very respectable, and you want to be able to maximize that damage. Since I’m not tanking Moreau, I went the full attack path with him and don’t regret it at all since he’s a staple of my purple stack now.

He’s already fast so the mana node barely does anything. I mean yes it lowers the troop requirement to shave off a tile from lv 29 to lv 23, but often do you run into a situation where you make a 3 match, and then a dragon bomb and the board just runs dry? Whereas sometimes a crit hit is the difference between a dead hero and one that has 30 HP left and will wreck half your team.

Mana bonus nodes and costume bonuses don’t work on defense apparently, and only troop bonus counts. See this: Mana mechanics with almost exact numbers


Prof. Lidenbrock is also a cleansing yellow healer

Thanks 20 characters

They fixed it after people complained, so now they apparently work. I removed that statement from my mana mechanics topic.


They do…that is an old thread before they fixed it.

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Question, If I’m running The Dr. as Tank, is Joon viable or do they just overwrite each other?

They overwrite each other if they hit the same target, but it’s definitely viable. The Dr softens them up and Joon finishes them off.

My other Flank yellow options are sif or Onatel…with Gravy as the other flank…Kingston and Finley wings…any thoughts for arrow barrage?

Oh, Sif or Onatel are better choices I think. You have enough direct firepower with Gravy, Kingston, and Finley.

Thnx fighting an Aliance manipulation squad so wanna take it to them and first time using the good Dr.!

Is it sure ? It’s not exactly the same ailment (look at their icons, the one from Moreau shows a small red dot). I didn’t try myself so I may be wrong, but I find this quite strange.

I would also add gazelle in that role as well as Roc;)

Cleansing healers was specified. Roc doesn’t heal and I’m not sure I would count Gazelle as much of a healer since only she gets the HOT.

But it is nice that there are some faster cleansing options against him.

I’ve got the Dr at 3/70 and Freya at 3/70 my dark 5s maxed are Jabberwocky (18), Alfrike(18) , Panther ,Kage, and Clarissa, was thinking Freya, but with the raid formations I’m reconsidering Moreau, should I go with him ?

Unless you want to use Freya as a tank, I would go with Moreau. With these new raids formations, he can hit all. And if you bring Panther, his damages are really nice. He is also fully usable in defense, so very versatile, while Freya is more passive.

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