Dr. Moreau or Alfrike

Ahh k, I completely understand. Might go full def/health as well on Alfrike to make her a solid tank at VF wars and tournaments, and maybe one day she will get a role in my regular Def team. When I play 4-1 I usually bring Lidenbrock because of her amazing temporary HP boost. Also just thought about upping Sergei and test hem in a mono stack to give al enemy’s -54 def against purple at V fast, could be loads of fun, but also might be a lil bit to squish, only 1 way to find out I guess.

Edit: game style depends on type of tank and formation :slight_smile: sometimes the tiles just aline beautifully, most of the times I need to fire some specials haha

Shield all the way want her to survive to go off again and again her attack will never get too high but the more she goes off the less total health they’ll have(unless using a health booster to counter with proper timing)

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Sergi looks awesome cross between panther and purple tarlak saved 2 from summons will get to them at some point for mythic titan and tournaments shortly

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Hi, I went Defense/Attack/Health but choosing defence means gaining health automatically.

Having Rigard costume I find him more useful as Healing Over Time Hero than Sabina who I use as a normal hero with the costume bonus.

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