Dr. Moreau or Alfrike

Purple 5* I’ve got maxed are; Kage +19 and Khiona +19.

Would have the emblems for dr Moreau +19 and +10 for Alfrike. Wich one of these should I acend first? Really struggling on this one haha… Other S4 heroes I’ve got are Lidenbrock +19, Morel and Fogg at 3.70 waiting for their mats…

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi, both are very good. Alfrike is a monster in rush wars and tournaments, but I think Moreau is more versatile. I would go with him, even though is a very tough choice.

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Alfrike, she makes the difference.


Hi Yarthan, thanks for you opinion. Moreau being more versatile is exactly the reason why I’m leaning more towards him even though my alliance members telling me that Alfrike should be an no brainer. It IS a tough decision lol (removed my other reply on accident)


Both in due time.

However Alfrike is a game changer, more so than Moreau. I have both maxed. If you can stall and let her survive in a mono team (with the likes of Freya or C. Rigard) she may very well turn the tables. She’s my most important offensive hero in PvE but she needs buddies.


Exactly. I have both at +20 or +19, and I use Moreau more often with Panther and Hannah, they make a deadly trio. Alfrike, in another hand, is very slow, so in classical raid attack, she is usually dead or the match is alreayd lost/won when she becomes ready to fire. In defense, however, she is frightening.


It is interesting to see how people think about these two hero. So, I create this poll for you.

  • Dr. Moreau
  • Alfrike

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While I completed Alfrike long back & am now doing Dr. M…

Daily use, Dr. M is more useful, while Alfrike is useful for rush & other specific play,
But, depends on the roster…


Think I’ll go with Alfrike this time. (Even tho I’m still not sure if she’s strong enough at +10??) Already let her wait to ascend Kageburado last time because I wanted to use him on my def team so now it’s her time to shine. Moreau will be next in line, keeping them paladin emblems in my bag for now. Thanks all!

This is my 5* roster:

Blue: Cobalt +20, Glenda and alasie maxed. Morel, Milena, Alexandrine, Magni and Fenrir at 3.70.

Red: Gefjon +19, C. Azlar +10, Lady Loki +1. Reuben, Yang Mai and Asterius at 3.70

Purple: Kage +19, Khiona +19. Moreau, Alfrike, Sartana, Victor, Clarissa and Domita at 3.70

Green: Kingston +20, Lianna +6, C. Kadilen 4.80 (Working on her atm to up regular Kadi) Fogg, Zocc, Cristobal and Jade at 3.70

Yellow: Prof. Lidenbrock +19, Guadrian Gazelle +19, Joon +19. Ureaus, Bai Yeong and Sif at 3.70

4* I use often are Jackal, C. Rigard, Falcon, BT, Jott, Tibur, Wilbur and Almur.

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I voted for Alf as she can be a great hero on offense and V fast attacks. I use Dr M +20 on my defense and offense. He is decent on offense with G Panther.
His blind usually doesn’t always protect me, and even with G Panther, he is not the kind of finisher you want in a 2 punch. He is definitely better than a lot of other Purple heros.
Considering you have a lean roster, I would go with the Alf as she has her uses.
Hope you get Tabs for Dr M sooner than later.

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Is “G Panther + Tiburtus + Dr Moreau” still not enough ?

The teams i take on, Tibs dies in a sneeze. I dont use him even in 4* tourneys these days

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If it is about the defence team member:
While I find Alfrike+20 a mix-bag on defence due to her VS speed & because I use LoLo to copy her = I win 9 out of 10 Alfrike fights…
I would say Dr. M is better on defence, bcoz a fast, he fires for sure & causes his blind, which goes on & on… so you may want to consider that aspect…

All I have written are conditional to many aspects during the play… so your gut decision is the best !


Alfrike is great. If you know how to use her, even at very slow, she’s a beast. I use her on offense (raids and elsewhere) when most advantageous and defense. She’s a game changer. I guess it also helps having a +23 mana troop for faster charging.

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Alfrike can be useful even at 3.70. her damage can be devastating but the main utility is the massive skill block,

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Alfrike is better in offense, I don’t run her in my defense team except in rush.

She will be steady enough at +10 because she has very good defense stats. In raids, it’s very rare for me not to fire her at least once.

My purple mono team is Moreau +7 - Rigard costume +20 - Domitia +19 - Alfrike +19 - Freya +20.

What I like about this team is that Freya and Rigard will use their special skill early on and effectively protect the whole team while you wait for purple tiles to show up on the board. Before I had Moreau, I was running Sabina with costume bonus + 20 for even more survivability.

However, without such heroes to boost the survivability of the team, I understand why some prefer a versatile hero like Moreau…

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Alfrike is a beast in VF she absolutely dominates, Dr M is drake 2.0 which is awesome too so depends on your needs.

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Thanks for your detailed comment. What talent path did you went on Alfrike? Def/health? Also do have an C. Sabina so might up her after maxing Alfrike to give more survivability in purple stack.

I went defense/health in mine. Firstly because I use her as tank in VF wars, and I want her to survive there and when I take her in offense. Also I use her with Grimble (making her a 9 tile hero) and I generally don’t want her to be killing any minions or killing Bera/Freya, so I have a vested interest in keeping her attack low.

C Sabina is awesome but she dies very easily for me, hence I am eagerly waiting for next month when I can LB her. Have you considered using an off color healer? Or do you try to kill the tank with tiles?