Dr.Moreau og Lepiota?

Got lucky on a 10-pull and got both Dr.Moreau and Lepiota. They both seem pretty cool. At first I was going for Dr.Moreau, but Lepiota seems nice asweel, and bring something new. I don’t have Drake Fong. Any thoughts?

My maxed purples:
Onyx +20, Jabberwock +15, Seshat +20, Guardian Panther, Clarissa, Sartana w/costume

Depends on you, your playstyle, availability of ascension mats and availability of emblems.

Moreau is just a Drake Fong with far better stats and some family bonus but absent the Elemental Link. He can be played both on offense and defense. I have Drake but I dont have Moreau.

Lepiota also has high stats, ideal only on offense as AI cant be relied on who to target with her skills. She can be very fun on offense due to her unique skills. I don’t have her though. Will be pleasantly happy to get her as I have 23 tabards in my inventory sitting by idly.

I can’t add to anything ultra or others have said about Moreau - he is a purple, stronger version of an already excellent hero (Drake).

But I can say a bit about Lepiota who I have been using successfully against top defences and is imo exceptionally powerful, strategic and fun. It is not just being able to ghost dangerous enemy heroes but also then being able to ghost tiles into the spaces left behind. So she is useful both in preventing bad things happening to you and in then creating the opening you need to get your own specials charged. Her fast speed often means she is charged again before the ghosted hero returns so can keep them in a perpetual ghost lock doing damage all the time (108 per turn for my +9 lepiota) - or move on to another victim. Even in the end game, her special is still useful as a debuff.

Bear in mind that monks (eg bera) can resist her special and that minions seem not to be ghosted even if the hero under them is, also that ghosted heroes can still receive a minion. She is also not a defensive or titan hero. I didn’t experiment with her at 3-70 but I would imagine she is quite viable there - her passive will keep her alive.

At the end of the day it is all about how you like to play but for me she is pretty much my favourite hero right now.

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How do you feel about the comments in this thread?

i would recommend looking at this post. Lepiota has a known bug atm.

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