DOWNVOTE in Ideas & feature requests


If I particularly dislike a suggestion, I’d love to downvote it.

make it anonymous so people don’t get their feelings hurt.

Negative vote button in this forum category (Ideas & Feature Requests)
Force defence lineup changes
A new idea

Feelings! pssshhht! :roll_eyes:


“why did XXX player downvote my answer? Let me go snipe at them in the forum and take away all my likes from their post…”

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And it assuredly would happen.

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The science says this is a bad idea ( see link ), but take is up with the forum Devs ( this forum is 3rd party software ):


I write this as an separate thread, but keep in mind, i had an explicite thread i whished i could DISvote für the idea.

Why? You can see it within this thread :wink:

I have the idea, to add an DISvote / negative vote button to the threads in this category, so you have to choice to show, if you like the idea and press the “Vote”-Button, or not and press the “Disvote”-Button. And the “not” should be counted.

You don’t like my idea? Hmm, that’s a Pro for it :smile: Actually there’s no chance to express this in an easy countable matter, you’ve just the possibility to write an reply.

I’m sorry if “Disvote” is the wrong expression. I’m not an native english speaker and i used translations sites, but found no other equivalence than “Negative vote”, which i hope both are the terms i’d like to talk about


What would the difference be for downvoting vs not voting for that feature?

Considering we have limited votes per role would we also have limited downvotes?

Also Grypho brings up the fundamental point, being that this is third party software and this request would likely go to Discourse (the ones who made the forum software). And judging by those links it seems to me they’re pretty set on not implementing a downvote system.

On the positive side, there is an official E&P Reddit, which has downvoting there.

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Would be cool to have it here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Adding a dislike vote although not a bad idea in general the concenses is it would without a dout be used for more reasons than what it was intended for as some could just use it for personally not liking a member no matter what the topic.

The only other option that may work around that is by using a poll system which 3rd party plugins would be available for this forum software.

Polls will at least give percentage results and really good 3rd party plugins will offer result variations that can be setup. This could in gerenal also totally replace the vote system.

As for everything any form of expressing disliking anything is open for abuse so you really necer truely know if it was disliked for it’s content or fir other ressons no matter what they may be.