Downsides on changing alliance (cooldowns)?

When changing alliance, I read there will be a cooldown on AW. Is there also a cooldown on titans?
Will I even lose titan chest or war chest points?

(I just want to message a specific player, so I plan to switch alliance then switch back, but both chests are almost full…)

Thanks for your help!

I had about a 12 hour cooldiwn on Titans when I switched. Not sure how it works if you return to the alliance

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Awards for alliance war chest are based on participation. If you leave you do lose some points towards your chest but not all and you lose your particiaption progress. Titan chest is only put on hold for 12hours but you dont lose any progress

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Once you leave an alliance its 12 hours regardless of the alliance you join. Even if you return to the same alliance its 12hours before your titan chest chest unlocks

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