Downloading x of 977?

I was already running v39, but suddenly it can’t connect to server, so I restart the program, and suddenly I am downloading x of 977.

977 !? Wtf, I never saw an in game download of more than about 20 items. Did my game need a major update, or is summat bugged?

I had something similar happen yesterday, while I was waiting for my car to be repaired, I played a few levels on mobile data, then suddenly the game won’t connect and it kept asking me to check my internet connection, and then when it finally connected again, it was trying to download some packets at the loading screen, except mine was 1533 or something and kept booting me out.

I restarted my device and tried to connect again, it did and was slowly crawling along the same packets to download. My phone is already running low and not wanting to waste any more juice seeing this excruciatingly slow and painful process, and needing my phone in case the car repairs are done, I just turned off the app.

I waited until I got home, put the phone on the charger, connect to home WiFi before trying again. The packets were downloaded more swimmingly and the game was running normal after. Not sure if this big download was some feature enabling contents down the road (like when to release Yunan / Rana costumes into HA10, don’t quote me on that, I am just guessing).

Well it finished, but the version is still 39.0.0 build 1542, so who knows what all the downloaded items were. Took 30 mins on WiFi, since whenever you hide the game the download stops.

Not impressed. If it had done that during last 30 mins of war I would have been stuffed.

Partner just had similar problem… Is there really a 864 part update / download or is it a bug?!

Yep. I’ve shared that issue approximate 15 days ago on some thread. Check the screenshots I had uploaded, a few others I didn’t even bother to include:

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