Downgrade rarity of boots, chainmail, scabbard, and manual

Everyone knows odds of getting 3* ascension item are less and 4* even lesser. Getting odds for 3* item and finding out you are getting tall boots, chainmail shirt, scabbard, or battle manual is a slap in the face as most people start getting plenty of those after certain level. With Atlantis Rising event, you are likely to find many in loot.

Titans, Wars, Raid tourneys, chests should drop these at different rarity so they don’t hamper odds of non-farmable ascension items.

If they were converted to 2* rarity, I doubt anyone would even bat an eye.

I wish they would allow us to dismantle high-level heros for rare ascension material. I’m getting burned out by having all these people awaiting rare items

It didn’t make sense to me as a new player. I now have 75 3star books and only 5 3star hidden blades. However there don’t seem to be 5 star mats? Why not make the 4stars into 5 stars, raise the rarer 3 stars to 4 and leave 3 as is. Then everything would make sense…

Agreed. I’ve been thinking for over a month now, If I get one more pair of Tall Boots… :scream:

Case in point (from my handy 7DD Google sheet, thanks guys!!):

Ascension Materials Current Inventory Assigned Remaining Inventory
Damasus Blade 7 0 7
Farsight Telescope 0 0 0
Mysterious Tonic 8 0 8
Mystic Rings 6 0 6
Poision Darts 11 0 11
Royal Tabard 5 0 5
Tome of Tactics 5 0 5
Battle Manual 185 0 185
Chainmail Shirt 164 3 161
Compass 3 1 2
Fine Gloves 0 1 -1
Hidden Blade 4 4 0
Orb of Magic 6 0 6
Scabbard 155 0 155
Sturdy Shield 15 0 15
Tall Boots 162 0 162
Trap Tools 1 0 1
Warm Cape 1 0 1

I’m thinking Fine Gloves is the rarest item of all, since I’m waiting on so many pairs. I still have seven heroes waiting since April, and 12 more moving up, about whom I’m thinking, Why bother with levelling? And also, Why look for more heroes?

Actually, it’s the same with Trap Tools, except I didn’t need to notice until recently. I could now do with 24 of those, and have had exactly one pop up since mid-April.

In my experience too many changes usually lead to lot of questions, discussion, and planning.

This is a swift (probably a small SQL update statement) change I’m proposing. If we as community agree that we don’t care about what rarity boots are assigned with, we can get decent benefit out of this small increment. Then you can tackle the reclassification separately as to what goes into 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*, 5* etc buckets

Spinning wheels here, the drop rate of un-farmable materials isn’t going to increase because of any reclassification, thinking that reducing farmables will increase unfarmables is wrong.

I don’t care if I have extra boots, it’s farmable and not supposed to be as hard to get as an unfarmable.

It just changes your odds of landing non-farmable item by 36% by eliminating 4 items from 3* item possibility

I strongly agree! Fine gloves are very hard to come by. A member of my alliance has been trying to get fine gloves since middle of last year for one hero. He has only gotten it recently and now needs an additional 6 pairs for other heroes waiting.
I have come by a couple but will use them all up soon! Even tweak the drop rate would be great :slight_smile:

They aren’t raising the drop rate even though we all want more drops.

Your alliance mate is doing something wrong if he isn’t getting a new pair of gloves every 2 months from level 4 of Farholme Pass. It’s a guaranteed 6 gloves a year, and he only got 1 in that time period. Maybe he doesn’t know?

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He’s been trying to get them but maybe he’s missing too many on the Fairholm pass instead to pick enough up. Thank you for that advice!

That’s funny because I have 16 pairs of gloves - twice as much as compasses :slight_smile:

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A year!?! That’s insane!! Either he’s not playing often (not likely), or isn’t doing the events and challenges (probably doing at least some), or there’s a definite issue.

Since Fine Gloves are needed by every hero, could we not increase the odds just a tiny bit?!

I now have ten waiting, and of course more coming up, and that’s not including the ones I haven’t even started yet…

Exactly. 20 characters

I seem to get Sturdy Shields every five minutes, and hardly need any, while an alliance mate has been waiting for months for just one (he’s not an avid player, but still).

How do I start a new topic! So frustrated by this game and annoyed I’ve spent actual money on it!
Tired of buying gems for Atlantis and other events and getting three star heroes only. If you’re paying you should be able to save the gems and get the heroes you need. Also have characters stuck because no hidden blades, warm cloaks or trap tools ever seen to appear. Beginning to really spoil the game for me…

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Firstly welcome to the forum. The “search” tool is your friend to find relevant threads. There are many posts on the low probability of summoning your desired hero - unfortunately you are not the first.

You need to have spent time reading posts (takes about 15mins I think), before you can make your own post.



According to the E&P wiki, compasses only come up every other “cemetaries…” quest , meaning they average 1/16 weeks. Which I think is nuts.

Update: I got the compass. The challenge was 150 point above me. I had to use a Turtle Banner, 5 Potent Healibg Potions, both my Dragon Attacks, and even a Miricle Scroll.

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Wow this is one of the most needed change i think


Good news, bad news, business news.

According to the latest Beta rumors, they will remain 3* ascension items.

You can use Alchemy Lab to convert them to a random 3* / 4* ascension items.

Transmuting Tall Boots will not replace 3* / 4* loot drops and buying 3* / 4* ascension items.

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And pay 300 gems to transmute them? Not likely my friend. Titans rarely drop anything of value. If the drops were like, here have trap tools or boots + gems to transmute them for your troubles, then yeah I’d use the building. But that building is going to take forever to build and forever to collect 300 gems from in-game sources. Might as well start buying ascension items from store and cut out the middle man at that point.

This was today’s titan drop fyi


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