Down the Rabbit Hole... has a lot of spots ;-)

As the title says, we had a bit of an exodus this week. No drama or anything, just a bit of a domino effect :wink: .
We had a few people quit the game and take a break in our Sister Alliance (the Cheshire Cat), so we were down a few members.
After that, a few people decided to leave, because they wanted more organized wars than we have (we do have some rules like use all hits and avoid double hitting, same tank colour and we’ll do timed resets sometimes, but overall people can hit when convenient).
Another longtime member decided to quit the game too.
And then ofcourse, since we were down to 20, a few shorttime members left too.

So, now we’re rebuilding I guess.

Currently we have a 12* titan, we are going to let that fly, I am hoping to be able to maintain 10* titans until we are filled up, so we can go back to the 11 and 12* titans we usually kill.

We are an easy going group, we expect people to do their best, hit the titan multiple times a day and either opt out of war or use all flags. Real life comes first, and if someone needs to take it easier, we have a more casual sister alliance.
Teampower 3800+

Line optional: konijntje-pluis

How many spots you got? We are in a similar boat.

We have 14 spots at the moment.

I have ten spots probably more gonna happen soon :frowning:

I think we’ll only going to go up now, most of our members that are still in the alliance are longtime members and planning to stay (I think/hope). :wink:

If someone is looking for a merger, we would be open to the idea, but since we are such an established alliance and have a Sister alliance, we wouldn’t want to join another alliance, but only be open to a group joining us. Just putting it out there :relaxed:

Ok, we have the same issue best of luck to you guys.

I’ve only been in an alliance where I’m teaching most of the rest of them and learning from you all.

What does double hitting and timed reset mean? What if tank color is green and best one I have is Margaret, without tonics because I’m not insane? My next best is Berden. Do I still have to put her old *** in there?

Team power 3730. Good stable of emblemed 3s, 3 Wilburs, Joon on way to top, Athena on way to top (level 1 of top) after Kiril is finished. Pulled him and changed focus to him to not power my team into a level I’m not ready to compete at. So many Wu Kong’s. 2 BT. 22 pulls into first tc 20. Went Richard, kiril, wu kong (again), quintus in 4 straight pulls around 15 -19. Haven’t touched any of them yet.

Don’t have line, but might consider it. Don’t even know what it is. I think I’m ready for the next level. I believe I’ve never missed a war flag, ever. I’m kinda obsessed with this game. C2p. Working on food storage to be able to afford harpoons. A few weeks away.

War chest at 19, so might be interested in a week or so. Let you all nerf down for a bit and come in at a level that is higher than I’ve ever been. Seems like a win - win.


You’d be at the bottom, but if you don’t mind that, you’d be welcome to try us out. You could also try our sister alliance first, it’s “the Cheshire Cat”, there are some more around your level there.

We’ve had people have to resort to a 4* for the tank, but not often. Most of our members have multiple maxed 5* heroes for each colour (but we are skipping green tanks anyway, because not enough Yunans and the likes).

If you still want to join us after you filled your warchest, you can contact me here again (or on line, if you decide to install).

Forgot to answer these :wink:
Timed reset: for instance reset the opponents team before any of the individual teams had a chance to revive, so somewhere in the first 6 hours.
Double hitting: hitting the same team multiple times, sometimes people go crazy on a team without actually killing it, so that’s why. Sometimes it is the only way to go, because when someone has only clean up teams left and it’s the only cleanup and they can’t wait, it’s fine.

Got it. Sounds like I might be a few months away from your team. Almost have all mats to ascend my first rainbow 5 team, now just need to find them. Thanks for the info.

Athena, Joon, and Quintus seems like a pretty good place to start. I’m probably going to push every chip I have into the middle for a shot at Kingston in October and hope for a red 5 star from tc 20 or Atlantis that month or before. That puts me around December before I have anything like that.

Good luck and I’ll certainly consider Cheshire when I go looking. Tired of being the best, or second best, in my alliance hitting 5 and 6 star titans with unused war flags and minimal interaction with each other.

The Cheshire Cat is on 7 and 8* titans, so it does sound like a good fit. They are helpful and friendly too, not overly chatty, but not too quiet either.

Poster says 11* titans, and we were killing those with 25-30 members, and some 12* s too, but we currently are on 9 and 10* s with only 15 members, need just a few to get us back to 11* s. :wink:

@Pops We are already talking to a group about a merger (and I think it will go through), but found another group that’s looking to merge. They just want to join an alliance from what I understand, so I thought they’d be a good candidate for you? If you’re still looking that is, they have 14 members.

Do you have line? If so, contact me and I’ll set you up: konijntje-pluis

We’ve added a few folks so unfortunately I can’t take 14. Only seven at the moment but thanks for looking out.

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