Doubts about team defense



I would like help, I’m using this setting

Leonidas Triton Ares Proteus Isarnia.

Triton Ares and Proteus Should I Use Mana Troop Or Critical? I did this routine Tank and Flank but I was in doubt critical troop because of the Ares special or should I use Mana to increase life bonus?

I wonder if this configuration is good or if it would have another configuration.

Trophies 2400 to 2500

Since, when you’re defending, AI launch skills from left to right, you should start by switching Leo & Isarnia.

I’d also put Leo at 2nd or 4th spot.

Whatever you decide, for god sake, put Isarnia on the left side :smiley:

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mate dont use proteus our triton on a defense they are made of paper. use something like that sabina our caed , isarnia , Ares leo kiril our sonya

but please learn one thing right away dont worry whit defense. that should be the last thing hero related. events titans war that is what you need to focus.

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Sabina - Isarnia - Ares - Hansel - Leo

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