Doubt which one to leave to the maximum Magni or Isarnia

I think “tumbler digger” may be Gravedigger. But I must know!

I would ascend Isarnia over 2nd Magni, no doubt. She’s killer in a lot of scenarios, but know that she is fairly squishy.


I thought so too, thanks i wait till i get one telescope. Because then i can level 2 x 5 stars :smiley:

I ascended Isarnia so time ago now. She is very fine for events and titans as already written.
But for raid defense or attack above 2600 cups just forget her. She is only dying…


I do not think of using it as a defense team.
only in titans and onslaughts.
when the tank is red

i dunno…Gravedigger. haha
i see other, Gravemaker.

That’s what I meant! Whoops, Gravemaker

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You have your direction mixed up.
You meant a second Isarnia right?
Yes, you can do a 2nd Isarnia instead of Magni.

No need to thanks, you’re welcome.


Isarnia is my vote.

I bring her vs every titan, even green.
I use her to stack with Magni vs red tanks in raids.
I have a spot for her on war teams with Quintus vs a team with multiple slow heroes. (Huge 1-2 punch)
She is on my open world team that I auto farm with.
She is great in events.


Oh come on. Nobody has answered the most pressing question here. Who is tumbler digger? Better yet, post a card.

This is some serious stuff here now!


No… i have 2 Magni.
only one Isarnia.

i’m thinkg really, lvl up the Isarnia

Sorry, but this question is not urgent.
because this is not my topic.

Apologies for bringing up an old post but I am now very curious… Who is Tumbler digger!! :grin:

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It appears to be a secret hero that we shall never know of…but he/she sounds intriguing!! Just as long as it’s not a circus midget hero, they scare me!!



Please show us a pic of “Tumbler Digger”. Thanx :wink::hugs:

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